Fruits as sources of vitamins

Fruits- as sources of vitamins

  • Vitamin-A- Mango, Papaya, Jack, Banana, Dates.
  • Vitamin-B- Cashew nut, Almond, Banana, Apple, Bale, Litchi, Papaya and Pomegranate.
  • Vitamin-C- Aonla, Citrus fruits, Pineapple, Ber, Guava, Strawberry, Tamarind etc.
  • Fruits as a source of minerals such as Ca, Fe, P- the fruits are- Almond, Cashew, Guava, Jamun, Fig, Karonda, and Mango.
  • Digestive enzymes- Papaya- papaine-9, proteolitic enzyme.

Fruits have medicinal value

The fruits like aonla pomegranate, Kokum, Jamun, Bael, Ber. etc, have great medicinal value,
  • Papaya reduces night blindness,
  • Citrus juice reduce acute diorrhea.
  • Aonla triphala (chawan prash)- digestion.
  • Jack fruit (Jackoline)- prevents Aids.

Other importance

Fruit growing in kitchen gardens helps to reduce family budget on purchase of fruits.
  • Planting¬†of fruits trees, maintains ecological balance and to increase precipitation of the locality.
  • Fruit tree farming also reduces soil erosion, silting and air pollution.
  • Generate employment being highly intensive & skillful enterprise generates employment even for trained persons.

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