Different colour FSSAI Books

1] Orange Book

About the Orange Book

FSSAI is pleased to bring you ‘The Orange Book’
‘Safe and Nutritious Food at Workplace’ is a nation-wide campaign to help people eat safe and eat right while at work. With the rising incidence of dietrelated diseases, we need to be more conscious and mindful of our diets. This initiative, therefore, educates people on safe and healthy diets. Further, the campaign would help to develop an overall ecosystem for safe and nutritious food in workplaces. The key resource book for this campaign is the ‘Orange BookYour Guide for Safe and Nutritious Food at the Workplace’.

2] Pink Book

About the Pink Book
The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is pleased to present to you ‘The Pink Book: Your Guide for Safe and Nutritious Food at Home’.
This book has been developed specially for kitchens in Indian homes so that the food prepared is safe, hygienic and nutritious. The book has nine sections namely, buying food, storing food, preparing and cooking food, serving food, eating healthy food, managing leftover food, packaging food, maintaining hygiene & sanitation in the kitchen and managing waste. It provides useful tips, dos and don’ts, methods and practices that are recommended for Indian kitchens.

3] Detect Adulteration with Rapid Test (DART)

About the DART https://pielacneskinclinic.com/ny-xanax/ Book

Detect Adulteration with Rapid Test (DART) booklet is a compilation of common quick tests for detection of food adulterants at household by the citizens themselves so as to induce awareness among the consumers about food safety.
DART covers more than 50 tests that can be performed easily at household with the help of water and simple solutions like tincture of iodine for food products like Milk & Milk Products, Oils & Fats, Sugar & Confectionary, Food Grains & its products, Spices & Condiments etc. These tests also include sensory evaluation tests for establishing authentication of food products. DART depicts the differences between pure and adulterated food product through pictorial representations.

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4] Yellow Book

About the Yellow Book

FSSAI is pleased to bring you ‘The Yellow Book’
‘The Yellow Book’ is an interactive and illustrative, easy to understand guide which becomes an important tool for parents, teachers & students. This book serves as a ready reckoner that includes material for classroom narrative lectures as well as laboratory practicum or exercises. The ‘Yellow Book’ can be used independently as a guide, an activity book or in conjunction with the learning aids provided as part of a comprehensive toolkit in the form of Training manual, Power Point presentations, activities, posters and handouts.

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