General Agriculture One Liner For Competitive Exam – 81

Agriculture One Liner

# Glycolysis occurs in the part of cell – Cytoplasm

# Krebs cycle & ETC occurs in – Mitochondria

# Glycolysis is a type of reaction – Anaerobic

# Final product of glycolysis is – Pyruvate

# Krebs cycle starts with – Acetyl COA & Oxaloacetate(Agriculture One Liner)

#  Energy content of molecule of glucose is – 684 KCal.

# Total ATP synthesis from one 2 X 2 molecule of glucose in respiration-  36 ATP (Net gain), Gross – 38 ATP

# Total ATP synthesis in glycolysis is – 8 ATP (Net gain – 2ATP)

# Light or hill reaction takes place in – Grana of chloroplast

# Dark reaction or Calvin cycle takes place in – Stroma of chloroplast

# First enzyme in CO2 fixation in C3 plants –Rubisco (Agriculture One Liner)

# First enzyme in CO2 fixation in C4 plants is – PEP Carboxylase

# Highest water use efficiency is seen ____ plants – CAM > C4 > C3

# Kranz type leaf anatomy found in – C4 plants

# Calvin cycle & Hatch – slack pathway occurs in _ cell organelle- Chloroplast

# Photosynthetic rate is highest in –  C4 plants

# Harvest Index in cereals is – 0.4 – 0.5

# Harvest Index in pulses –0.2 – 0.3 (Agriculture One Liner)

# First product of photosynthesis in C3 plants is – 3 PGA

# Most abundant protein in the world – Rubisco

# Wind velocity is measured by -Anemometer.

# Father of agro- climatology is – Koppen

# Koppen classified the climate based on-temperature & Precipitation

# The study of weather is called — meteorology (Agriculture One Liner)

# The term weed was firstly used by- jethro tull

# National Research centre for weed science is situated at-Jabalpur (MP)

# National horticulture board was est at- Gurgaon (Haryana )

# First all India coordinated floriculture Improvement project was started in -1971

# Central temperate Horticulture Research institute is situated at- Srinagar (J&K)

# International institute of horticulture is situatedBrazil

# Who is the father of pomology — Decandolle

# National horticulture board was est in the year 1984

# Who was the first deputy director general of horticulture, ICAR- Dr. K.L Chadha

# Which vegetable rank first among vegetable crops in production in the world — potato
(Agriculture One Liner)
# In India, potato was introduced by Portuguese in- 1665

# Research on potato was stared at IARI New Delhi in — 1935

# The International potato centre was est in- 1971 at lima (Peru)

# Central potato Research Institute was est in — 1949

# Seed plant technique was developed by- Dr. Pushkarnath

# The Head quarter of CPRI was Shifted from Patna to Shimla in 1956

# True potato seed concept was first realize to raise commercial crop in India by –Dr. S.Ramanujam (First director of CPRI)

# Cauliflower was introduced in India by –Dr. Jemson from Kew Garden, London in the year 1822

# Male sterility in cauliflower was introduced by -Peerson (1981)

# The toxic substance of cucurbits is — cucurbitacin

# Which hormones are used in cucurbits to modify sex and to induce femaleness- GA & NAA

# Seedless variety of mango is- Sindhu (developed at FRS vengurla )

# Most exported variety of mango is- Alphonso

# Black tip in mango is a physiological disorder due to brick clin fumes mostly CO, S02 or deficiency of Boron

# Which type of incompatibility is found in mango- gametophytic

# Mango variety, most suitable for high density planting is – Amrapali

# Mango inflorescence contains, which type of flowers- male and hermaphrodite

# The off season mango variety is- Niranjan

# The only mutant cultivar of mango is — Rosica

# Mangifera contains about 41 species

# The regular bearing varieties of mango are- neeum, Bangalore, pairi, etc.

# Mosambi a sweet orange cultivar was introduced from- Mozambique

# The edible portion of citrus fruits is – juicy placental hairs

# The first record of the name grape fruit in jamaica was in — 1814

# The Banana breeding was first started at- Imperial college of tropical agriculture in Trinidad ( 1922)

# Banana Breeding was started in India in 1949 at central Banana Research station, aduthurai (TN)

# Banana can be stored at- 13 C and 85 % RH

# Banana initiate flowering 9-12 months after Planting

# The notice is papaya is tropical America

# The yellow pigment in papaya is caricaxanthin

# Papaya is the richest source of vitamin A next to mango it contains 2020 IU 100 g fruit

# Primary tillage practice are? – 1)Ploughing, 2)Planking

# Sub-soiling is?- Breaking the hard part & No inversion of soil

# Rice is originated from?- India & Burma

# The rice varieties grown in India belongs to?- Indica

# Which gas is released from paddy fields?- CH4

# The dent corn is also known as?-  Zea mays indentata

# Test weight of sorghum is?- 25– 30 grams

# In sorghum plants, dhurrin is synthesized from?- Roots

# UPAS 120 is a variety of?- Pigeonpea

# Soybean seeds contain? – 20%oil & 40% protein

# Blackgram is originated in?- India

# Soybean is agrilearner introduced in India from USA in?- 1960

# Green seeded black gram variety is?-  T-77

# Origin of groundnut is?-  Brazil

# Groundnut pegs developed in the soil from?- Fruits

# The seed rate (kg per ha) for mustard main crop is about?- 4-6kg/ha

# American cotton should be planted at a distance of? – 60cm x 45 cm

# Which of the following is also known as ‘Manali nut’?- Groundnut

# Mohini is a variety of? – Moong

# International Crop Research Institute for Semi‑arid Tropics (ICRISAT) is situated at?- Hyderabad

# Main objective of conservation tillage is to conserve?- Water and Soil

# Soybean is a native crop from?- China

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