General Agriculture MCQ For Competitive Exam – 97

Agriculture MCQ

Q.1 When a disease becomes prevalent throughout the country continent or the world in a severe form, it is referred to as? (Agriculture MCQ)
(1) Epidemic
(2) Sporadic
(3) Endemic
(4) Pandemic
Ans. –  Pandemic

Q.2 Biologically, seed is a matured?
(1) ovary
(2) ovule
(3) fruit
(4) capsule
Ans. – ovule

Q.3 EDVS’ are?
(1) Extant derived varieties
(2) Extinct derived varieties
(3) Expressed derived varieties
(4) Essentially derived varieties
Ans. – Essentially derived varieties

Q.4 Common scale of potato is caused by?
(1) Synchytrium endobioticum
(2) Spongospora subterranea
(3) Rhizoctonia bataticola
(4) Streptomyces scabies
Ans. – Streptomyces scabies

Q.5 Which bacterium is associated with preparation of Sauerkraut?
(1) Lactobacillus plantarum
(2) Clostridium butyricum
(3) Bacillus subtilis
(4) Bacillus megaterium

Q.6 Tifton A cytoplasm is found in? (Agriculture MCQ)
(1) Sorghum
(2) Rice
(3) Pearl millet
(4) Pigeon pea

Q.7 The organic compound glucosinolates are present in members of the family?
(1) Caryophyllaceae
(2) Chenopodiaceae
(3) Euphorbiaceae
(4) Brassicaceae

Q.8 In term of ploidy, trisomy is a form of?
(1) hypoploidy
(2) hyperploidy
(3) polyploidy
(4) diploidy

Q.9 In which direction, do the 5-3 phosphodiester bonds run, in Watson
and Crick DNA model?
(1) Parallel
(2) Antiparallel
(3) Forward
(4) Alternate

Q.10 The genetic gain under selection is more rapid if?
(1) the character is polygenic
(2) there is non-additive gene
(3) the alleles are rare
(4) the heritability is 100 per cent

Q.11 According to the dominance hypothesis of heterosis, which one of the
following is a false statement? (Agriculture MCQ)
(1) Open pollinated populations are highly heterozygous.
(2) In breeding, depression is due to the harmful effects of dominant alleles.
(3) Heterosis is due to the masking of harmful effects of recessive alleles by their
dominant alleles.
(4) Each locus of dominant alleles has a favorable effect.

Q.12 The tetrazolium chloride tests activity of?
(1) peroxidase
(2) superoxide dismutase
(3) oxidase
(4) dehydrogenase

Q.13 The unit of radiation dose is called Gray (Gy) and 1 Gray equals?
(1) One Joule/gram of the irradiated object
(2) One Joule/kg of the irradiated object
(3) 100 J/kg of the irradiated object
(4) 1000 J/kg of the irradiated object

Q.14 During the process of lint development in cotton, how many days after
fertilization does the lint gain maturity?
(1) 45-50 days
(2) 70-75 days
(3) 100-105 days
(4) 75-80 days

Q.15 Which of the following bacterium is used as a biocontrol agent for the
control of Meloidogyne species? (Agriculture MCQ)
(1) Agrobacterium
(2) Rhizobium
(3) Pasteuria
(4) Erwinia

Q.16 Sclerotinia sclerotiorum produces ascocarp named?
(1) Apothecium
(2) Pseudothecium
(3) Cleistothecium
(4) Perithecium

Q.17 The type of germination in which seeds germinate by keeping
cotyledons below the soil surface due to rapid elongation of epicotyle, is
referred to as?
(1) Epigeal
(2) Hypogeal
(3) Hypo-epigeal
(4) Epi-hypogeal

Q.18 Pink boll worm is a serious pest of?
(1) Gram
(2) Cotton
(3) Mustard
(4) Lady Finger

Q.19 In 1965, which famous rose breeder was appointed as First Director
General of ICAR was?
(1) B. P. Pal
(2) M. S. Swaminathan
(3) Harbhajan Singh
(4) S. A. Hydari

Q.20 Total no. of nuclei involved in double fertilization in normal diploid
plant is? (Agriculture MCQ)
(1) 3
(2) 9
(3) 5
(4) 4

Q.21 How many types of gametes will be formed in F1 in a trihybrid cross?
(1) 27
(2) 4
(3) 8
(4) 16

Q.22 If fertility of the pollen is determined by the genotype of the pollen
itself in F1, then it is?
(1) sporophytic male sterility
(2) gametophytic male sterility
(3) cytoplasmic male sterility
(4) apomictic plants

Q.23 Etiology is the study of?
(1) cause of disease
(2) symptoms of disease
(3) predisposing factors for disease
(4) management of disease

Q.24 Which is the single most important factor affecting drift?
(1) Spray volume
(2) Spray drop size
(3) Kind of sprayer
(4) Kind of solvent

Q.25 Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) is? (Agriculture MCQ)
(1) biallelic
(2) triallelic
(3) monoallelic
(4) null allele

Q.26 Heterostyly is observed in?
(1) Linseed
(2) Orchids
(3) Maize
(4) Pearl Millet

Q.27 Complex corrin ring system and cobalt is present in?
(1) Vit B2
(2) Vit B6
(3) Vit B1
(4) Vit B12

Q.28 Cell wall of a bacteria is made up of?
(1) cellulose
(2) chitin
(3) peptidoglycan
(4) dextran

Q.29 In recombinant DNA technology, which enzyme is used to join
fragments that have been cut by restriction enzymes?
(1) Eco RI
(2) DNA polymerase
(3) DNA methylase
(4) DNA ligase

Q.30 The hybrid progeny between a single cross and an inbred line is
referred to as? (Agriculture MCQ)
(1) Three way cross hybrid
(2) Double top cross hybrid
(3) Double cross hybrid
(4) Two way cross hybrid

Q.31 In a crop plant, if the percentage of cross pollination exceeds 5 per
cent and may reach up to 30 per cent, then the pollination behavior of such
crop species is referred as?
(1) cross pollinated
(2) self-pollinated
(3) often cross pollinated
(4) open pollinated

Q.32 Which one of the following is an example of a bacteria which in an
(1) Bacillus polymyxa
(2) Yersinia pestis
(3) Bacillus thuringiensis
(4) Klebsiella oxytoca

Q.33 ICAR-India Institute of Pulses Research is located at?
(1) Varanasi
(2) Mau
(3) Kanpur
(4) Lucknow

Q.34 Which of the following is a simple interest disease?
(1) Powdery mildew of mango
(2) Downy mildew of grapes
(3) Rust of pea
(4) Loose smut of wheat

Q.35 In tRNA molecule, the D arm is named for the presence of the base?
(1) Dihydrouridine
(2) Thymidine
(3) Pseudouridine
(4) Uridine

Q.36 Which of the following amino acids are aromatic in nature? (Agriculture MCQ)
(1) Aspartic acid and glutamic acid
(2) Proline and histidine
(3) Lysine and arginine
(4) Phenylalanine and tyrosine

Q.37 Green ear disease of Pearl millet is caused by?
(1) Tolyposporium penicillariae
(2) Sclerospora graminicola
(3) Claviceps microcephala
(4) Curvularia penniseti

Q.38 The inner layer of ovary wall of an angiosperm is?
(1) Exocarp
(2) Endocarp
(3) Mesocarp
(4) Polycarp

Q.39 Bulked segregant analysis’ was proposed by?
(1) Vos et al.
(2) Williams et al.
(3) Botstein et al.
(4) Michelmore et al.

Q.40 Heterobeltiosis is the superiority of F1 over? (Agriculture MCQ)
(1) mean parent
(2) popular check
(3) better parents
(4) commercial hybrids

Q.41 Identify the common step between aerobic and anaerobic respiration?
(1) glycolysis
(2) citric acid cycle
(3) ETC
(4) glycolysis, citric acid cycle, and ETC

Q.42 Bioassay of cytokinin is done by conducting?
(1) Dwarf maize test
(2) Cotyledonary expansion test
(3) Avena coleoptile test
(4) Rice tip test

Q.43 identify the Fungi which grow on dung?
(1) Corticolous
(2) Epixylic
(3) Coprophilous
(4) Xylophilous

Q.44 Gir National Park is known for conservation of?
(1) Tiger
(2) Rhino
(3) Asiatic Lion
(4) Pelican

Q.45 Which of the following represents genome and chromosome number of the
oilseed Brassica napus sub. sp. Napus? (Agriculture MCQ)
(1) AACC, 38 
(2) BBCC, 34
(3) CC, 18
(4) AA, 20

Q.46 Monocot seed sowing epigeal germination is found in?
(1) rice
(2) wheat
(3) onion
(4) maize

Q.47 The conversion of fixed forms of nitrogen to molecular nitrogen is
(1) Ammonification
(2) Nitrogen fixation
(3) Denitrification
(4) Nitrification

Q.48 The enzyme GOGAT stands for?
(1) Glutamine 2-oxoglutarate aminotransferase
(2) Glutamate oxoglutarate aminotransferase
(3) Glutamine oxoglutarate aldolase
(4) Glutamine 2-oxoglutarate

Q.49 In which of the following situations, the enzyme RUBISCO plays dual
function during photosynthesis, and produces either 3 phosphoglyceric
acid or glycolic acid?
(1) In C3 plants when the CO2 concentration is higher than that of oxygen
(2) In C3 plants when the oxygen concentration is higher than that of CO2
(3) In C4 plants when oxygen concentration is higher than that of CO2
(4) In CAM plants

Q.50 The recent molecular technology which is used to determine the exact
order of the bases in a genome is? (Agriculture MCQ)
(1) RNAi technology
(2) PCR technique
(3) DNA sequencing technique
(4) DNA walking

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