General Agriculture MCQ With Explanation-79

Agriculture MCQ

Agriculture MCQ Que. 1 Who is known as father of agriculture?

A. Norman Borlaug
B. Louis Pasteur
C. Benjamin franklin
D. Ronald fisher
E. None of these

Correct Answer – A. Norman Borlaug

Que. 2 Where is Central Marine Fisheries research institute is located?

A. Goa
B. Kerala
C. Dehradun
D. Mumbai
E. Visakhapatnam

Correct Answer – B. Kerala

Agriculture MCQ Que. 3 For soil testing government is planning to set mini labs in-

A. Every district
B. Villages
C. Every States
E. Every capital of the states

Correct Answer – D. KVK

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Que. 4 Which group of plant has maximum water use efficiency?

A. C3
B. C4
D. None of these
E. All of these

Correct Answer – C. CAM

Explanation: Crassulacean acid metabolism, also known as CAM photosynthesis, is a carbon fixation pathway that evolved in some plants as an adaptation to arid conditions.

Agriculture MCQ Que. 5 Which year’s data has been taken as reference data for the 19th livestock census?

A. 2014
B. 2010
C. 2015
D. 2012
E. 2013

Correct Answer – D. 2012

Explanation: The Nineteenth livestock census was conducted with 15 October 2012 as the reference date.

Que. 6 How many APMC will be integrated under eNAM?

A. 253

B. 700
C. 375
D. 585
E. 550

Correct Answer – D. 585

Explanation: Electronic trading platform, National Agricultural market. Total 585 Agricultural market committees will e integrated in it.

Agriculture MCQ Que. 7 What is deadline set by government to provide safe drinking water to over 28000 arsenic and fluoride affected habitation?

A. 2019
B. 2020
C. 2021
D. 2022
E. 2023

Correct Answer – B. 2020

Explanation: This will be the submission of National rural drinking water programme.

Que. 8 Under the Swachh Bharat mission (Gramin), Sanitation coverage in rural areas has gone up from 42% to –

A. 50%
B. 58%
C. 62%
D. 70%
E. 65%

Correct Answer – C. 62%

Explanation: The mission has made tremendous progress in promoting safe sanitation and ending open defecation.

Agriculture MCQ Que. 9 Which of the following protocol is associated to green-house gas emission?

A. Bonne convention
C. Montreal protocol
D. Minamata convention
E. None of these

Correct Answer – B. INDC

Explanation: Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) is a term used under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions that all countries that signed the UNFCCC.

Que. 10 The first forest survey of India was conducted in which year?

A. 1981
B. 1977
C. 1988
D. 1987
E. 1985

Correct Answer – D. 1987

Explanation: State of Forests Report is published by the Forest Survey of India (FSI) on a biennial basis since 1987. State of Forests Report is published by the Forest Survey of India (FSI) on a biennial basis since 1987.

Agriculture MCQ Que. 11 Which Indian state has the highest aquaculture farms?

A. West Bengal
B. Tamil Nadu
C. Andhra Pradesh
D. West Bengal
E. Kerala

Correct Answer – C. Andhra Pradesh

Explanation: At present Andhra Pradesh is the state having largest aquaculture farms in the country. Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Gujarat and West Bengal come next in the number of farms.

Que. 12 The scheme to provide the remunerative prices to the farmers in case of glut in production and fall in prices is known as?

D. Both a and b
E. Both a and c

Correct Answer – D. Both a and b

Explanation: Market intervention scheme and Price Support scheme

Agriculture MCQ Que. 13 How many missions are launched under National Action Plan on Climate Change?

A. 5
B. 6
C. 7
D. 8
E. 9

Correct Answer – D. 8

Explanation: NAPCC consist of –
National Solar Mission National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency National Mission on Sustainable Habitat National Water Mission National Mission for Sustaining the Himalayan Ecosystem National Mission for a Green India National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture National Mission on Strategic Knowledge for Climate Change

Que. 14 Which of the following is correct about the photorespiration?

A. Photorespiration is more efficient in synthesizing glucose than photosynthesis
B. C3 plants are best adapted to handle photorespiration
C. Photorespiration is likely to occur when oxygen level is high and CO2 level is low
D. During photorespiration plants use oxygen to break down carbohydrates and release oxygen
E. All of these

Correct Answer – C. Photorespiration is likely to occur when oxygen level is high and CO2 level is low

Explanation: Photorespiration – A respiratory process in many higher plants by which they take up oxygen in the light and give out some carbon dioxide, contrary to the general pattern of photosynthesis.

Agriculture MCQ Que. 15 The central sector scheme which will supplement agriculture, modernize processing of Agricultural products and decrease their wastage is known as?

E. None of these

Correct Answer – A. SAMPADA

Explanation: SAMPADA – Scheme for Agro-Marine processing and development of agro-processing clusters. It will help in providing better prices to farmers and doubling farmer’s income.

Que. 16 Which Indian state is known as ‘Molessis Basin’?

A. Kerela
B. Gujarat
C. Maharashtra
D. Mizoram
E. Uttar Pradesh

Correct Answer – D. Mizoram

Agriculture MCQ Que. 17 Which colour tag/ certificate is given to foundation seeds?

A. White tag

B. Blue tag

C. Green tag

D. Yellow tag

E. Red tag

Correct Answer – A. White tag

Explanation: Foundation seed is the progeny of breeder seed and is produced by State Farm Corporation of India, National Seed Corporation, State seed Corporation under technical control of qualified plant breeders or technical officers. Its production is supervised and approved by certification agency. The
genetic purity of foundation seed should be maintained at 99.5 per cent. A white colour tag/ certificate is issued for foundation seed by seed certification agencies.

Que. 18 In agriculture, Round revolution is associated with production of _________?

A. Tomato

B. Potato

C. Egg

D. Pumpkin

E. Mango

Correct Answer – B. Potato

Explanation: Round Revolution is the revolution adopted by the Government of India for the increase in production of potato.

Agriculture MCQ Que. 19 Working in the field of energy, environment and sustainable development, TERI is a research institute based in New Delhi. What does the abbreviation TERI stand for?

A. Transforming Energy and Resources of India

B. The Energy and Resource Institute

C. Tata Energy and Resource Institute

D. Triumvirate of Energy, Resource and Inclusion

E. None of These

Correct Answer – B. The Energy and Resource Institute

Explanation: The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) is a research institute based in New Delhi that conducts research work in the fields of energy, environment and sustainable development. Established in 1974, it was formerly known as Tata Energy and Resource Institute.

Que. 20 Which crop is also known as a “Wonder Crop”?

A. Potato

B. Mustard

C. Sugarcane

D. Maize

E. Soybean

Correct Answer – E. Soybean

Explanation: Soybean possess a very high nutritional value. It contains about 20 per cent oil and 40 per cent high quality protein. Soybean being the richest, cheapest and easiest source of best quality proteins and fats and having a vast multiplicity of uses as food and industrial products is sometimes called a wonder crop.

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