General Agriculture MCQ With Explanation-82

Agriculture MCQ

Agriculture MCQ Que. 1 Which Indian state is the largest Mango producing state?

A. Andhra Pradesh

B. Uttar Pradesh

C. Maharashtra

D. Karnataka

E. Madhya Pradesh

Correct Answer – B. Uttar Pradesh

Explanation: With a share of over 23 per cent, Uttar Pradesh is ranked India’s leading mango producing state as of 2013-14 followed by Andhra Pradesh (15 per cent), Karnataka (9.5 per cent), Telangana (nine per cent) and Bihar (seven per cent) which remained top five states in this regard.

Que. 2 According to the National Horticulture Board data, what is the ideal pit size for Banana cultivation?

A. 80 cm*80 cm*80 cm

B. 20 cm*20 cm*20 cm

C. 50 cm*50 cm*50 cm

D. 70 cm*70 cm*70 cm

E. None of These

Correct Answer – C. 50 cm*50 cm*50 cm

Explanation: For banana cultivation planting is commonly followed in garden system of cultivation. A pit size of 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 m. is normally required. Small pits are dug in case of ridges and furrows.

Agriculture MCQ Que. 3 What is the moisture content in the Dry Roughages?

A. 30-40%

B. Less than 10%

C. 45-55%

D. 10-15%

E. 20-30%

Correct Answer – D. 10-15%

Explanation: Roughages are sub-divided into two major groups; dry and green or succulent roughages based upon the moisture content. Green roughages usually contain moisture from 60- 90%, whereas, dry roughages contain only 10-15% moisture.

Que. 4 Which of the following is a surface irrigation method?

A Surge Irrigation

B. Furrow Irrigation

C. Border strip irrigation

D. Basin irrigation

E. All of the above

Correct Answer – E. All of the above

Explanation: Surface irrigation is defined as the group of application techniques where water is applied and distributed over the soil surface by gravity. It is by far the most common form of irrigation throughout the world and has been practiced in many areas virtually unchanged for thousands of years.

Agriculture MCQ Que. 5 Red Delicious and Golden Delicious are famous varieties of which fruit?

A. Pomegranate

B. Apple

C. Mango

D. Litchi

E. Guava

Correct Answer – B. Apple

Explanation: Red and Golden delicious are the famous varieties of Apple. Fruit of the “Golden Delicious” apple tree (Malus x domestica “Golden Delicious”) has sweet, yellow skin and is similar to fruit of the “Red Delicious” apple tree (Malus x domestica “Red Delicious”). An alternative name for “Golden Delicious” is “Yellow Delicious.

Que. 6 Which state becomes the first state to use the automated weather stations for farmers?

A. Maharashtra
B. Haryana
C. Madhya Pradesh
D. Gujarat
E. Kerela

Correct Answer – A. Maharashtra

Explanation: State’s first automatic weather station inaugurated at Nagpur.Mahavedh Portal – Maharashtra’s first agriculture weather information network

Agriculture MCQ Que. 7 Under the National mission for sustainable agriculture mission how much percentage of allocated fund would be invested on women farmers?

A. 50%
B. 33%
C. 25%
D. 30%
E. 23%

Correct Answer – D. 30%

Explanation: Under the scheme, 50% of the fund is to be utilised for assistance to small and marginal farmers of which 30% should be for women farmers.

Que. 8 What kind of cropping pattern is used in Rainfed farming areas?

A. Single cropping
B. Relay cropping
C. Ratoon cropping
D. Intercropping
E. Mixed farming

Correct Answer – D. Intercropping

Explanation: Intercropping- Cultivation of two or more crop simultaneously on the same field. Relay cropping is the type of intercropping Relay cropping is the growing of two or more crops on the same field with the planting of the second crop after the first one has completed its development.

Agriculture MCQ Que. 9 The inherent capacity of soil to provide essential chemical elements for the growth of plants is termed as-

A. Soil Productivity
B. Soil Fertility
C. Soil capacity
D. Soil flexibility
E. Soil Utility

Correct Answer – B. Soil Fertility

Explanation: Soil fertility refers to the ability of a soil to sustain agricultural plant growth, i.e. to provide plant habitat and result in sustained and consistent yields of high quality.

Que. 10 “Medh pr ped” program is associated with –

B. Agriculture production
C. Seed village
D. Agroforestry
E. None of these

Correct Answer – D. Agroforestry

Explanation: Sub-Mission on Agroforestry has been initiated which will accelerate the programme “Medh Par Ped”

Agriculture MCQ Que. 11 How much Percentage of the total allocation of National food security mission was allocated for pulses?

A. 50%
B. 40%
C. 70%
D. 60%
E. 55%

Correct Answer – D. 60%

Explanation: Out of the total allocation of Rs.1700 crores under NFSM for 2016-17, Rs.1,100 crore (central share) was allocated for pulses which amounts to more than 60% of total allocation.

Agriculture MCQ Que. 12 The tillage in which the way of growing crops or pasture from the year to year disturbing the soil through village is known as?

A. Year – round tillage
B. Deep tillage
C. Zero tillage
D. Secondary tillage
E. None of these

Correct Answer – C. Zero tillage

Explanation: Zero tillage – It is an agriculture technique which increases the amount of water that infiltrates into soil and increases the organic matter retention and cycling of nutrients in the soil.

Agriculture MCQ Que. 13 Pundia, Kabirya, wansi are the varieties of?

A. Sugarcane

B. Maize

C. Rice

D. Oats

E. Wheat

Correct Answer – A. Sugarcane

Que. 14 National plant protection training institute is located in?

A. New Delhi
B. Madhya Pradesh
C. Hyderabad
D. West Bengal
E. Mumbai

Correct Answer – C. Hyderabad

Agriculture MCQ Que. 15 The migratory fish that live in both fresh and salt water, independent of breeding is called as?

A. Catadromous fish
B. Potamodromous fish
C. Amphidromous fish
D. Anadromous fish
E. None of these

Correct Answer – C. Amphidromous fish

Explanation: Potamodromous fish – migratory fish that move within fresh water only.
Catadromous fish – migratory fish that live in fresh water but breed in salt water.
Anadromous fish – migratory fish that live in salt water but breed in fresh water.

Que. 16 Who is known as the father of hybrid cotton in India?

A. K.L. Chadha

B. C.T. Patel

C. T.S. Venkataraman

D. Ashish Dutta

E. G.H. Kush

Correct Answer – B. C.T. Patel

Explanation: Chandrakant T. Patel, (11 July 1917 – 25 December 1990) was a cotton scientist, who developed the first commercial cotton hybrid, known as Hybrid-4 (Sankar-4), in 1970.

Agriculture MCQ Que. 17 Drip irrigation is most suitable for cultivation of?

A. Wheat

B. Oil–seed crops

C. Fruit crops

D. Rice

E. All of these

Correct Answer – C. Fruit crops

Explanation: Surface irrigation can be used for all types of crops. Sprinkler and drip irrigation, because of their high capital investment per hectare, are mostly used for high value cash crops, such as fruit trees. They are seldom used for the lower value staple crops. Drip irrigation is suited to irrigating individual plants or trees or row crops such as vegetables and fruits. It is not suitable for close growing crops (e.g. rice).

Que. 18 ________ is a system in which food crops are grown in lanes formed by hedge rows of trees or shrubs?

A. Alley Cropping

B. Silage cropping

C. Nursing cropping

D. Aromatic cropping

E. None of these

Correct Answer – A. Alley Cropping

Explanation: Alley Cropping is planting rows of trees at wide spacing’s with a companion crop grown in the alleyways/ lanes between the rows. Alley cropping can diversify farm income, improve crop production and provide protection and conservation benefits to crops.

Agriculture MCQ Que. 19 Litchi plants are commercially multiplied (propagated) by which of the following techniques?

A. Seeds

B. Budding

C. Air Layering

D. Grafting

E. Veneer Grafting

Correct Answer – C. Air Layering

Explanation: Litchi is commercially propagated through air layering. For this purpose, straight growing, one-year-old shoots are selected.

Agriculture MCQ Que. 20 What is the total feed required to obtain marketable weight in broiler (chicken raised for meat)?

A. 5.5 Kg

B. 6.5 Kg

C. 2.5 Kg

D. 7.2 Kg

E. 3.5 kg

Correct Answer – E. 3.5 kg

Explanation: Feed requires to obtain marketable weight in broiler is 3.5 Kg(starter 1 Kg. and finisher 2.5 Kg.) for 35-40 days and weight about 1.5 to 1.7 Kg.

Que. 21 World Water Day is observed on _______.

A. March 15

B. January 23

C. February 12

D. February 08

E. March 22

Correct Answer – E. March 22

Explanation: World Water Day is an annual observance day on 22 March to highlight the importance of freshwater. It is also used to advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. This year’s theme – Nature for Water – explores how we can use nature to overcome the water challenges of the 21stcentury.

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