General Agriculture MCQ With Explanation-84

Agriculture MCQ

Agriculture MCQ Que. 1 What is the sequence of water erosion?

A. Splash, sheet, rill, gully
B. Sheet , gully, rill
C. Rill, Splash , sheet
D. Gully erosion, splash, sheet, rill
E. Splash, Gully erosion , rill

Correct Answer – A. Splash, sheet, rill, gully

Que. 2 Wind Erosion will be higher from?

A. Clay Soil
B. Sandy Soil
C. A barren sandy soil
D. Loam Soil
E. None of these

Correct Answer – C. A barren sandy soil

Agriculture MCQ Que. 3 What is the essential growth of and quantities development of fruits?

A. Humidity
B. Wind
C. Solar Radiation
D. Temperature
E. Water

Answer – D. Temperature

Explanation: Temperature is the basic factor needed for the better development of fruits.

Que. 4 Tarai Soil occurs in which state?

A. Karnataka
B. Bihar
C. Uttar Pradesh
D. Gujarat
E. Punjab

Correct Answer – B. Bihar

Agriculture MCQ Que. 5 The process of judicious removal of parts like leaf, flower, fruits etc. to obtain good and qualitative yield is called?

A. Training
B. Pruning
C. Fustigation
D. Sedimentation
E. None of these

Correct Answer – B. Pruning

Que. 6 What kind of crop is Tea?

A. Fiber Crop

B. Food Crop

C. Beverage Crop

D. Industrial Crop

E. None of these

Correct Answer – C. Beverage Crop

Explanation: Tea is basically a crop in India that falls in the beverage category.

Agriculture MCQ Que. 7 In farming, the land is used for growing food and fodder crops and rearing livestock.

A. Intensive Farming
B. Plantation Farming
C. Primitive Farming
D. Mixed Farming
E. None of these

Correct Answer – D. Mixed Farming

Explanation: Because both the activities takes place side by side helping the farmer to perform both.

Que. 8 The land on which crops are grown are known as?

A. Arable Land
B. Wet Land
C. Dry Land
D. None of these
E. All of these

Correct Answer – A. Arable Land

Agriculture MCQ Que. 9 Monoculture i.e single crop grown over a large area is also known as?

A. Commercial Grain Farming

B. Intensive Farming

C. Multiple Farming

D. Mixed Farming

E. Plantation Farming

Correct Answer – E. Plantation Farming

Que. 10 What is the name of the first in vitro calf (of buffalo) produced by National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI)?

A. Kamdhenu

B. Param

C. Lakshmi

D. Pratham

E. Govardhan

Correct Answer – D. Pratham

Explanation: In 1990, with the birth of “Pratham”, the first IVF buffalo calf of the world, NDRI reached a significant milestone.

Agriculture MCQ Que. 11 Where is the headquarters of Indian Institute of Soil Science?

A. Guwahati

B. Allahabad

C. Bhopal

D. Warangal

E. Jabalpur

Correct Answer – C. Bhopal

Explanation: The Indian Institute of Soil Science (IISS) in Bhopal, MP is an autonomous institute for higher learning, established under the umbrella of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) by the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India for advanced research in the field of soil sciences.

Que. 12 What are poultry birds which are raised for egg production called?

A. Broilers

B. Hatchers

C. Incubators

D. Turkey

E. Layers

Correct Answer – E. Layers

Explanation: The poultry birds which are raised for egg production are called layer poultry. Commercial hen generally starts laying eggs at the age of 12-20 weeks. They start laying eggs regularly at their 25 weeks of age.

Agriculture MCQ Que. 13 ______is the process of covering the topsoil with plant material such as leaves, grass, twigs, crop residues, straw etc to enhance the activity of soil organisms such as earthworms.

A. Leying

B. Fouling

C. Mulching

D. Augmenting

E. Nursing

Correct Answer – C. Mulching

Explanation: Mulching is the process of covering the topsoil with plant material such as leaves, grass, twigs, crop residues, straw etc. A mulch cover enhances the activity of soil organisms such as earthworms. They help to create a soil structure with plenty of smaller and larger pores through which rainwater can easily infiltrate into the soil, thus reducing surface runoff. As the mulch material decomposes, it increases the content of organic matter in the soil. Soil organic matter helps to create a good soil with stable crumb structure. Thus, the soil particles will not be easily carried away by water. Therefore, mulching plays a crucial role in preventing soil erosion.

Que. 14 Plants of which of the following does not have “Tap” root system?

A. Dandelions

B. Cotton

C. Gram

D. Carrot

E. Onion

Correct Answer – E. Onion

Explanation: All dicots have taproot system and monocots have fibrous root system. Onion is an example of fibrous root system, as most people believe that the onions bulb is the root. However, that’s not the case. If you look at a onion, you’ll see the pointed top and a tangle of “hair” on the bottom. Those “hair” are the onions roots and hence are fibrous in nature.

Agriculture MCQ Que. 15 Recently where was Krishi Unnati Mela held?

A. Imphal

B. Agartala

C. New Delhi

D. Lucknow

E. Hyderabad

Correct Answer – C. New Delhi

Explanation: Krishi Unnati Mela was a three-day event launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in March at New Delhi. The objective of the event was to create awareness among farmers about the latest agriculture-related technological developments.

Que. 16 For the purpose of fishing, the worm which is used as a bait is known as?

A. Angleworm

B. Angelworm

C. Preyworm

D. Coneworm

E. None of these

Correct Answer – A. Angleworm

Explanation: A worm, such as an earthworm, that is used as bait in fishing is called as Angleworm.

Agriculture MCQ Que. 17Which type of pulse is known as the “King of Pulses”?

A. Chickpea

B. Pigeon pea

C. Lentil

D. Field pea

E. Grain pea

Correct Answer – A. Chickpea

Explanation: Chickpea also known as the Gram, consists of more than 1 /3 of the area and 40 per cent of the total production of pulses in India. Chickpea is called as King of Pulses and contains 22-23 per cent protein content.

Que. 18 Rabi is an Arabic word, what does it mean in Arabic?

A. Water

B. Winter

C. Dryness

D. Autumn

E. Spring

Correct Answer – E. Spring

Explanation: Rabi crop is the spring harvest (also known as the “winter crop”) in India and Pakistan, and usually spans from mid/late April to mid/late June, when the crop is harvested. The term Rabi means “spring” in Arabic.

Agriculture MCQ Que. 19 Fertilizer Urea is a major source of which nutrient for soil?

A. Potassium

B. Nitrogen

C. Phosphorus

D. Calcium

E. Carbon

Correct Answer – B. Nitrogen

Explanation: Urea has the highest nitrogen content of all solid nitrogenous fertilizers in common use. More than 80 per cent of the fertilizers used in India are made up of nitrogenous fertilizers, particularly urea.

Que. 20 Where is pearl fishing well developed in India?

A. Off the Bengal Coast
B. Off Kerala Coast
C. Off the Coast of Rameshwaram
D. None of the above
E. Off the Visakhapatnam Coast

Correct Answer – C. Off the Coast of Rameshwaram

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