General Agriculture MCQ For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 1

Q.1) What is the minimum mapable area unit for measurement/consideration as a forest in Indian State of Forest Report?

[A] 1 acre (0.4 ha)

[B] 2.5 acre (1 ha)

[C] 5.0 acre (2 ha)

[D] 10.0 acre (4 ha)

[E] 50 acre (20 ha)

Q.2) Which of the following is finest carpet wool breed in India and also known as Merino of Rajasthan?

[A] Chokla

[B] Malpura

[C] Jaisalmeri

[D] Deccani

[E] Nali

Q.3) According to NSSO, National Sample Survey Office, the term rural is defined as a minimum of______of male working population involved in agriculture and allied activities.

[A] 25%

[B] 50%

[C] 75%

[D] 90%

[E] None of the above

Q.4) Which of the following chemical is used to preserve tomato ketchup?

[A] Sugar

[B] Salt


[D] Sodium Benzoate

[E] None of the above

Q.5) Thermal efficiency of diesel engine varies from 32 to 38 percent, whereas that of petrol engine varies form ________.

[A] 10 to 15 percent

[B] 15 to 20 percent

[C] 20 to 25 percent

[D] 25 to 32 percent

[E] 40 to 45 percent

Q.6) Volume or quantity of water required for irrigation to bring a crop to maturity is known as

[A] Duty of water

[B] Water Use Efficiency

[C] Water Holding Capacity

[D] Water Budget

[E] None of the above

Q.7) Field air capacity of clay soils is ______of total soil volume.

[A] > 25%

[B] > 50%

[C] 15 – 20%

[D] < 10%

[E] 20 – 25%

Q.8) In the cooperative better farming, ownership of land is

[A] Individual

[B] Collective

[C] Joint

[D] Both a and b

[E] None of the above

Q.9) The method of shaping a tree by using cutting tools in order to get good fruit set and even structure is known as

[A] Training

[B] Pruning

[C] Grafting

[D] Cutting

[E] None of the above

Q.10) Maintenance ration is given to

[A] Pregnant animals

[B] Hardworking animals

[C] Dry non producing animals

[D] Animals of age less than 6 months

[E] None of the above

Q.11) One nautical mile is equal to

[A] 1.15 km

[B] 1.60 km

[C] 1.85 km

[D] 2.25 km

[E] 2.65 km

Q.12) Based on silica content, an acidic rock is one with silica content of more than

[A] <44%

[B] 45 – 55%

[C] 55 – 65%

[D] > 66%

[E] > 75%

Q.13) Which one is the major crop which is sown through behind the plough method of sowing seeds?

[A] Paddy

[B] Wheat

[C] Maize

[D] Groundnut

[E] None of the above

Q.14) Who is known as “The father of Modern Agriculture” ?

[A] Erich Von Tschermak

[B] J. Scott Angle

[C] Norman Ernest Borlaug

[D] George Washington Carver

[E] Eva Ekeblad

Q.15) National commission on farmers was set up in India in 2004 under the chairmanship of

[A] M S Swaminathan

[B] Sharad Panwar

[C] Manmohan Singh

[D] Rattan Lal

[E] Mangla Rai

Q.16) A fruit developing from complete inflorescence i.e. many flowers make single fruit is known as

[A] Aggregate fruit

[B] Etaerio of berries

[C] Composite fruit

[D] Amphisarca

[E] Balusta

Q.17) Which of the following organizations looks after the credit needs of agriculture and rural development in India?

[A] World Bank





Q.18) Which of the following greenhouse gas has maximum greenhouse potential?

[A] Carbon di oxide

[B] Chloro Flouro Carbons (CFCs)

[C] Methane

[D] Nitrous oxide

[E] None of the above

Q.19) Which of the following operation is stationary farm work?

[A] Silage cutting

[B] Threshing

[C] Winnowing

[D] Lifting of irrigation water

[E] All of the above

Q.20) Total cost divided by total production is

[A] Average cost

[B] Fixed cost

[C] Prime cost

[D] Marginal cost

[E] None of the above

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