General Agriculture MCQ For Competitive Exam-108

Q) First irrigation to the wheat crop should be given at
(a) CRI stage 
(b) Tillering stage
(c) Jointing stage
(d) Dough stage

Q) A neem product used as insect repellent is _
(A) Azadirachtin
(B) Parathion
(C) Rotenone
(D) Endrin

Q) A free living nitrogen fixing bacterium is _
(A) Clostridium
(B) Azotobacter
(C) Rhizobium
(D) Both A and B 

Q) The scientific name of noble cane
(a) Saccharin officinarınm 
(b) Saccharum spontaneum
(c) S. barberi
(d) S. sinense

Q) Cyperus weed belongs to which group of weeds ?
(a) Grasses
(b) Shrubs
(c) Sedges 
(d) All of these

Q) Directorate of Wheat Research (DWR) is located at
(a) Hyderabad
(b) New Delhi
(c) Karnal 
(d) Bikaner

Q) AICRP on sugarcane was started in
(a) 1959
(b) 1960
(c) 1970 – 71 
(d) 1985 – 86

Q) Find out the odd one ??
(a) e-NAM
(b) e-chopal
(c) e-rakam
(d) IFFCO – Kisan 

Q) Largest farmer co-operative organization is ____
(b) Co-operative Banks
(c) IFFCO 
(d) Nfl
(e) None

Q) Indian Journal of Fertilizer is published by _
(a) ICAR
(c) FAI 
(d) NFL

Q) “Pusa Sindhu Ganga” is a veriety of ?
(a) Rice
(b) Wheat 
(c) Mustard
(d) Tomato

Q) “A value” technique in soil science is related to which element ?
(a) P 
(b) O
(c) K
(d) N

Q) Which of the following elements is absorbed by plants in both anionic and cationic form ?
(a) Ca
(b) N 
(c) Cl
(d) Co

Q) The seed rate of white jute required for lime sowing per hectare land is ___
(a) 6-8 kg 
(b) 10 kg
(c) 12 kg
(d) 14 kg

Q) Which of the following Potato var. is tolerant to frost ?
(a) Kufri Jyoti
(b) Kufri Sona
(c) Kufri Sindhu
(d) Kufri Sheetman

Q) Which of the following is the best example of combined sources of fat and SNF..?
A] Sweetened condensed milk
B] Lactose powder
C] Skim milk powder
D] Whey powder

Q) Most dangerous disease of chicken is..?
A] Chicken pox
B] White diarrhoea
C] Mark’s disease
D] Ranikhet

Q) Milk yielding and dual purpose breed of goat..?
A] Jamunapari
B] Gaddi
C] Bengali
D] None of the above

Q) Gestation period of goat is.?
A] 148 to 152 days
B] 145 to 150 days
C] 250 to 252 days
D] 150 to 152 days

Q) Maximum egg producing breed of poultry is..?
A] Kadaknath
B] White leghorn
D] Assel

Q) The fat percentage in ghee is.?
A] 97 %
B] 99.5 %
C] 81 %
D] 92 %

Q) Which of the following is not a viral disease.?
A] Gumboro disease
B] Coccidiosis
C] Marek’s disease
D] Ranikhet

Q) In which direction cattle shed should be..?
A] East to South
B] East to West
C] North to South
D] Any direction

Q) Synthesis of milk takes place in.?
A] Milk well
B] Alveoli
C] Milk duct
D] Milk cistern

Q) Which of the following foreign breed largely been used for cross breeding of cows in India.?
A] Guernsey
B] Jersey
C] Holstein
D] Red Dane

Q) Dual purpose breed of cow is.?
A] Sahiwal
B] Kankrej
C] Red Sindhi
D] Pawar

2) Rinder pest disease in cattle is also known as..?
A] Typhoid
B] Cattle plauge
C] Mastitis
D] Pnemonia

Q) Which of the following is the oldest method of feeding the chicks broilers and layers.?agrilearner
A] All mash feeding
B] Whole grain feeding
C] Crumbs/ pallet feeding
D] Grain and mash feeding

Q) Milk sugar lactose is made of.?
A] Sucrose + Galactose
B] Glucose + Fructose
C] Glucose + Galactose
D] Glucose + Sucrose

Q) Which factors affects the composition of milk is..?
A] Feeds
B] Species
C] Breeds
D] All of these

Q) The commonly used refrigerant in an ice plant is.?
A] NH3
B] O2
C] R12
D] All of these

Q) Milk is converted in to dahi due to..? agrilearner
A] Streptococcus
B] Stephilococus
C] Lactobacillus
D] All of these

Q) Fat content of milk of Tharparkar cow..?
A] 5.60 %
B] 7.40 %
C] 4.60 %
D] 6.60 %

Q) Which of the following is an external parasite of poultry bird.?
A] Nematodes
B] Termatodes
C] Castodes
D] Mites

Q) Daily per capital milk consumption recommended by the medical authority is ?
A] 200 gm
B] 250 gm
C] 280 gm
D] 300 GM

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