General Agriculture MCQ For Competitive exam-11

General Agriculture MCQ

General Agriculture MCQ

#In Ti plasmid is responsible for virulence?

A. region D

B. region C

C. region B

D. region A

#Which of the following is Microeconomics concerned with?

A. Income

B. Employment

C. Consumer Behavior

D. Policy formulation

#Which one of the following is called an inductive method in the economic investigation?

A. Analytical

B. Abstract

C. A priori

D. Empirical

#The soil in which the pores are interconnected and irregular in size and shape is?

A. Tubular

B. Vesicular

C. Spongy

D. Cellular

#Consider the planting distance of the Sapota crop is 8 x 8 (meters). Calculate the number of trees per hectare by using the square system?

A. 139

B. 118

C. 156

D. 80

(General Agriculture MCQ)

#What happened when an excess amount of Nitrogen Fertilizer is Introduced in to Soil Ecosystem?

A. Soil Decay

B. Soil Acidi_cation

C. Soil Residue

D. Microbial Activity

#Which of the following program was launched in India to introduce reform in public sector Extension System in Late 90s?


B. Green Revolution

C. T& V


#Somatic Embryos Generate Plants Called as?

A. Mutant

B. Clone

C. Zygote

D. Embling

#Which Chromosome Model was Proposed by Du Praw on the Basis of Observation made on Human Chromosome?

A. Nucleosome Solenoid

B. Folded Fiber

C. Molecular

D. None

#Which of the following is not a type of manure collecting Method?

A. use cattle shed with kaccha _oor

B. Dry Earth System

C. Loose box System

D. Use cattle shed with Permeable Flore for collecting Urine

(General Agriculture MCQ)

#What Does FYM stand For?

A. Farm Yard Manure

B. Farm Yeast Manure

C. Fertilizer Yeast Manure

D. None

#Which Measure Should be implemented prevent increasing pest Population reaching to ETL?

A. General Equilibrium Position



D. Damage Boundary

#The tillage that is done immediately after crop harvesting to remove the weeds and to restore soil structure is?

A. strip

B. sub-soil

C. fallow

D. stubble

#Which of the following is a seasonal pest?

A. Rice Stem Borer

B. Case worm

C. Red hainy Caterpillar

D. Chilli Thrips

# The law which expresses itsetf while masking the other expression completely when two alleles are brought together in F1 hybrid?

A. Law of segregation

B. hybrid cross

C. Law of purity

D. Law of dominance

(General Agriculture MCQ)

#an effective method to prevent nematode infestation when it is not yet present in the area?

A. Quarantine

B. Heat treatment

C. Crop rotation

D. Mulching

#Which one of the following is an example of restorative crops?

A. Brinjal

B. Legumes

C. Ginger

D. Sunflower

#Which of the following assets, the insurance cannot be covered?

A. Machines

B. Animal Husbandry projects

C. Crops to some extent

D. Manpower

#Which of the following is not a parasite?

A. Fungi

B. Nematode

C. Protozoa

D. Arthropods

#Which one of the following is an example of concentrated organic manure?

A. Farm yard Manure

B. Green Manure

C. Oil cake

D. Compost

(General Agriculture MCQ)

#Which one of the following is a micro nutrient in the soil?

A. Nitrogen

B. Iron

C. Phosphorus

D. Calcium

#Family Of Jute is?

A. Graminae

B. Compositeae

C. Tiliaceae

D. None

#Body & Wings Covered by Overlapping Scales found in Order?

A. Lepidoptera

B. Coleoptera

C. Diptera

D. Hymenoptera

#ICRISAT is Located at?

A. Hyderabad

B. New Delhi

C. Kolkata

D. Mumbai

#Biggest Fertilizer Cooperative in India is?


B. Dayal Group


D. None

(General Agriculture MCQ)

#Main Institute for Agriculture Research & Education in India is?





#Which Fertilizer is Mainly Manufactured in India?

A. Ammonium Phosphate

B. Single Super Phosphate

C. Urea

D. None

#Total Stem Parasite Weed of onion is?

A. Orabanche cernua

B. Striga lutea

C. Cuscuta chinensis

D. None

#Which two different species belonging to the same genus produces?

A. Gossypium hirsutum x gossypium arboreum

B. Triticum aestivum x triticum durum

C. Lycopersicon esculentum x pimpinellifolium

D. Lycopersicon hirsutum x lycopersicon esculetum

#Which survey technique is easy and accurate to prepare survey plans on a small scale?

A. Plane Table Survey

B. Chain survey

C. Compass survey

D. Leveling

(General Agriculture MCQ)

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