General Agriculture One-liner For Competitive Examination – 3

1. 1st Hybrid variety of sorghum?

Ans. CSH-1 (released in 1965).

2. 1st Intergeneric hybrid was ?

Ans. Raphino brassica (Radish x Cabbage).

3. 2, 4-D belongs to the chemical group ?

Ans. Chloro phenoxy compound.

4. 2, 4-D, Simazine, Atrazine and Fluchloralin belongs to the selectivity group ? 

Ans. Selective herbicides.

5. 2,4-D controls only ?

Ans. Broadleaf weeds.

6. Fungicides like PMA & Atrazine at low concentration act as which type of antitranspirants ?

Ans. Stomatal closing.

7. -40°C is equal to ?

Ans. -40°F.

8. 70s type ribosome is found in ?

Ans. Mitochondria and Chloroplast.

9. 75% of rainfall is received by ?

Ans. S-W monsoon period (June-Sept).

10. 80 per cent phosphorus in bajra grains stored in the form of ?

Ans. Phytate.

11. A + B horizon is called ?

Ans. Solum.

12. A bacterium used in genetic engineering ?

Ans. E-coli (Agrobacterium tumefaciens).

13. A belt of trees and or shrubs maintained for the purpose of shelter from wind, sun, snow drift, etc. ?

Ans. Shelterbelts.

14. A biochemical process or reaction taking place in a test tube (in lab) ?

Ans. In vitro.

15. A biological indicator plant of Molybdenum deficiency ?

Ans. Cabbage.

16. A branch of agricultural science which deals with principles and practices of soil, water and crop management ?

Ans. Agronomy.

17. A building with glass walls and roof for the cultivation and exhibition of plants under controlled conditions is known as ?

Ans. Greenhouse.

18. A cabbage disease which is known to be more severe in acidic soils is ?

Ans. Black rot.

19. A central feature of a garden provides ?

Ans. Focal Point.

20. A certain part of energy received from the sun, is reflected back to space by the earth known as ?

Ans. Albedo.

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