General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 37

1. Cool season crops prefers a temperature range of ?

Ans. 14.5°C to 32°C.

2. Cooperative Movement (1904) was initiated by ?

Ans. F. Nicholson.

3. The state which is the leading producer of Muga silk ?

Ans. Assam.

4. COPPER ARSENATE’ is otherwise known as ?

Ans. Paris Green.

5. “Coreid bug” is a pest of ?

Ans. Coconut.

6. Corms & Cormels are the planting materials of ?

Ans. Gladiolus.

7. Correlation lies between ?

Ans. -1 to +1.

8. Coryza & Marek’s disease are diseases affecting ?

Ans. Poultry.

9. Cosmolure is a pheromone trap used against ?

Ans. Banana Pseudostem weevil.

10. Cost A1 + rent paid for based in land ?

Ans. Cost A2.

11. Cost A2 + interest on value of owned capital assets (including land) ?

Ans. Cost B1.

12. Cost B1 + rental value of owned land and rent paid by leased in land ?

Ans. Cost B2.

13. Cost calculated per hectare is known as ?

Ans. Cost of Production (COC).

14. Cotton is popular in America as ?

Ans. White gold.

15. Cottony Chusion Scale’ is a pest of ?

Ans. Citrus.

16. Cow dung slurry application is a method to control ?

Ans. Bacterial Leaf Blight.

17. Cow pea aphids can be controlled biologically using ?

Ans. Fusarium pallidoroseum.

18. Cowpea seeds are inoculated with————-for better yield ?

Ans. Rhizobium.

19. CREMENT means ?

Ans. Crop and Resource Management Network.

20. Crescograph was invented by———-?

Ans. Jagadish Chandra Bose.

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