General Agriculture One-liner For Competitive Exam – 101

General agriculture oneliner

Que. 1 Exanthema of citrus cause due to deficiency of- Co

Que. 2 Leading pomegranate variety is – Bhagwa 

Que. 3 Which of the following is hybrid pomegranate variety- Mridula

Que. 4 Soft seeded Guava variety is –  Arka Mridula

Que. 5 Chemical use to reduce post-harvest fruit drop in grape is – NAA

Que. 6 Monophagous pest of coconut is – Black headed caterpillar 

Que. 7 Which of the following is monoecious crop- Cucurbits

Que. 8 Young female of poultry is known as -Pullet 

Que. 9 Lola or multani is – Sahiwal

Que. 10 Cattle breed native from Guntur and pure white in color is – Ongole 

Que. 11 Which of the following is exotic sheep breed – Merino

Que. 12 The wool of____ goat breed is known as Mohair-  Angora

Que. 13 Exotic Swine breed is — Lindrace, Yorkshire, Duroc

Que. 14 Which of the following is highest egg producing poultry breed – White leghorn 

Que. 15 Protozoal poultry disease is –  Coccidiosis

Que.16 Plants with separate male and female flower on same plant is known as — Monoecious

Que. 17 Origin of Tobacco is – Mexico

Que. 18 Apical bud dominance is cause due to___ hormone- Auxin 

Que. 19 Puddling is important cultural practice in-  Rice

Que. 20 Psychrometer is used to measure____ Rainfall- Relatve humidity

Que. 21 Flower opens but only after the pollination has taken place is – Chasmogamy

Que. 22 Vernalisaton is ____treatment to plant bud or seedling- Cold or low temperature 

Que. 23 Which type of protein is found in hairs and nail – Keratin 

Que. 24 Fat soluble yellow pigment present in plant is – Chlorophyll

Que. 25 CAM plants behave like ____ plant during night and as_____ plant during the day- C4, C3 

Que. 26 Symposium, Lecture are ___ contact method.-  Group 

Que. 27 Who give the concept of demonstration –  Dr. S. A. Knapp

Que. 28 A process of initiating a conscious and purposeful action is called as- Motivation

Que. 29 T & V system was first introduced in ______ state – Rajasthan

Que. 30 Which of the following is most helpful for skill development – Method demonstration

Que. 31 Agriculture extension worker act as _____ Researcher- Messenger man

Que. 32 GST came into effect from-  Jul-17

Que. 33 In India wool production is maximum in____ state- Rajasthan

Que. 34 In Cattle degnala and alkali diseases are caused due to toxicity of – Selenium

Que. 35 Glucose + Fructose = Sucrose

Que. 36 Exposing milk to 71 to 76 C temperature for 15 Seconds is ____ pasteurization method – HTST

Que. 37 Longest gestation period observed in – Camel

Que. 38 Crop grown for substitute for the main crop that has failed on account of unfavorable condition is called as – Catch crop

Que. 39 Crop which provide large canopy and quick growing ability is called as- Smoother crop

Que. 40 Wild oat is mimicry weed of _____ crop – Wheat

Que. 41 Other variety in same crop is called as – Rogue weed

Que. 42 Which of the following is non-selective weedicide – Glyphosate

Que. 43 Lasso is trade name of___ weedicide- Alachlor

Que. 44 2:1 expanding type mineral is -Montmorillonite

Que. 45 Most dominant mineral on the earth crust is – Feldspar

Que. 46 4:2:1 is an ideal ratio of NPK for — Cereals

Que. 47 Example of metamorphic rock is – Marble

Que. 48 Quartz is derived from – Sand stone

Que. 49 Major component of soil is – Mineral

Que. 50 Light soil is suitable for ______ crop.- Potato, Groundnut, Tobacco

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