General Agriculture One-liner For Competitive Exam – 100

Q. Growing of honey producing tree with bee keeping is called Apiculture.

Q. Guava plants bear fruit on Current seasonal growth.

Q. Hemorrhagic septicemias diseases is caused by Pasteurella boviseptica

Q. Haploids are having Gametic chromosome number

Q. Helithis armigera is Polyphagous

Q. Heterosis can easily fixed in Apomictic crops

Q. High salt concentration in the medium surrounding germinating seeds inhibits germination due to Exosmosis.

Q. Higher doses of nitrogenous fertilizer are known to accentuate the population growth Pyrilla spp.

Q. Highest milk producing dairy breed of India is Sahiwal.

Q. Hissardale breed has been developed by cross breeding between Bikaneri and merino

Q. Hormone secreted by corpus luteum is Progesterone

Q. How many agro ecological zone have been identified in U.P 15

Q. How many gene (recessive ) for short stature have been identified in sorghum 4

Q. How many village generally constitute a Community Development block About 100

Q. How much is the porosity percentage if the particle density of soil is 2.6 and bulk density 3- 50%

Q. How much seed of legume crop should be treated with one packet of Rhizobium culture- 10 kg

Q. Human body maintains constant temperature . This relate to Physiology

Q. Hybrid varieties are the 1st generation from cross between Two inbreeds that are genetically dissimilar.

Q. Hybrid varieties were 1st commercially exploited in Maize.

Q. Hybridization can be Interverietal Interspecific Intergeneric

Q. I have observed a stained preparation of section of leaf under the microscope. The above statement is related to- Histology

Q. IAA (Indo-3-Asectic Acid )belong to which group of plant hormone- Auxin

Q. IBRD is synonyms to World bank

Q. Identify monoembroyonic variety of mango Banganoalli

Q. Identify plant micro –nutrient Boron

Q. Identify rose variety evolved by Dr.B.P.Pal Homi Bhabha

Q. If n inbreds are to be tested in all possible single combination there would be –single crosses n(n-1)/2

Q. If required water to be raised or lifted from its source to the field is called Flow irrigation

Q. If the marginal product is more than marginal cost then further investment in production is Profitable

Q. If the soil contains 280 to 500kg nitrogen per hectare than it is called– in available nitrogen Medium

Q. If the substitution Ratio is less than the price ratio then the cost Increase

Q. Immobilization of sulphur takes place when the S content of organic matter is less than- 0.15%

Q. Importance of fruit and vegetable in human diet is primarily because they are Good source of fats

Q. Important achievement of plants breeding are

Production of dwarf cereal varieties

Production of hybrid varieties

Development of disease and pest resistance

Q. In AB blood group of human being the gene A and B show Epistasis

Q. In an apomictic plant Heterosis is fixed

Q. In C3 plants the CO2 compenstion point is usually More than it is in C4 plants

Q. In C4 plants the initial acceptor of CO2 is Phosphoenol pyruvic acid

Q. In case of mungbean seed The amount of carbohydrate is higher than that of protein.

Q. In cows the 1st organ of the fetus that appears out of the reproductive tract of the mother under normal parturitions For limbs.

Q. In cucurbitaceous crop most serious pest at flowering and fruiting stage is Fruit fly

Q. In dry lands which cropping system is becoming popular Sequential

Q. In gastrointestinal tract of poultry gastric guice is secreted in Proventriculus

Q. In Gujrat Brown rust is most common 

Q. In honeybee hind leg are modified into Foragial

Q. In India breeding season in buffalos Commences from September and continues up to February

Q. In India maximum number of sheep are found in Jammu and Kashmir

Q. In India almost all the recommended varieties of maize today are Either hybrid or synthetic varieties

Q. In lactating cows if there is case of milk fever it can be treated by injecting Calcium borogluconate

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