General Agriculture One-liner For Competitive Exam – 103

Q. Mycorrhiza is a symbolic association between Fungus & root of higher plants.

Q. Vascular Arboscular Mycorrhiza is used as P solubilizing

Q. Major pest of Ground nut? White grub

Q. NPV is mostly used to control? Insects Lepidopteran

Q. Lady bird beetle is a? Predator

Q. International Organization for Biological Control? Zuriec, Switerzerland

Q. International Institute of Biological Control located in? West Indies, 1927

Q. Specific pest of wheat nursery is? Ghujhia weevil

Q. Vector of rice ‘Tungro’ is? Green Leaf Hopper

Q. The toxin produced by Bacillus thuringiensis interferes with the insects? Digestive system

Q. Nosema disease of honey bees is caused by a protozoa? Nosemail Spp.

Q. The most effective moulting hormone in insects is? Ecdysone

Q. The most suitable fumigant for quarantine purpose is? Methyle bromide

Q. Tree banding is useful for control of? Mango mealy bug

Q. An insecticide used as seed treatment for sucking pest is? Imidacloprid

Q. The chief excretory organ in insectis? Malpighian tubules

Q. Antennae is absent in? Protura

Q. Phorate 10 G is a insecticide? Granular

Q. Trichomes present on leaves are associated with? Antixenosis

Q. Name the family of red ants? Formicidae

Q. First part of antennae is? Scape

Q. Termites lives in? Social colony

Q. Fumigants are? Respiratory poison

Q. The caste of honey bee which is useful in collecting honey is? Worker

Q. Scientific name of rock bee is? Apis dorsata

Q. Chemically chitin is? Polysaccharide

Q. Zinc phosphide is used against which non-insect pests? Rat

Q. Light trap is used to attract the? Nocturnal pest

Q. Diamond back moth is a pest of? Crucifers

Q. The male reproductive organ of the insect is present on? 9th segment

Q. A good trap crop for Spodoptera litura is? Castor

Q. Father of host plant resistance is? Hessian fly

Q. In which state maximum production of sunflower? Karnataka

Q. Which chemical used for De-fuzzing(delinting) of cotton? H2SO4

Q. Valuable part of sugar-beet is? Roots

Q. “Pusa Ruby” is a famous variety of? Tomato

Q. Which “soil group” largest area in India? Alluvial

Q. Which is shortest phase of Mitosis? Anaphase

Q. Scientific name of Isabgol? Plantago ovata

Q. Fertilizer ratio for cereals? 4:2:1

Q. Fertilizer ratio for pulse? 1:2:1

Q. Tetrazolium test used for? Seed viability

Q. Purple blotch is a problem of? Onion

Q. Tomato cracking due to deficiency of? Boron

Q. Indian Institute of vegetable research in situated at? Varanasi

Q. “White bud” of maize is due to? Zinc deficiency

Q. “Hollow heart” of sugar beet is due to? Boron deficiency

Q. Sardaar (Lucknow 49) is a famous variety of? Guava

Q. Which is dwarf variety of mango? Amrapali

Q. Cultivation of Woody plant for decoration and shade? Arboriculture

Q. Which is explosive nature fertilizer Ammonium? Nitrate

Q. Common method of Ber propagation? T- budding

Q. Indian Institute of horticulture research is located at? Bangalore

Q. Complementary interaction between two inter-crop is known as? Annidation

Q. The main site for the dark reaction photosynthesis? stroma 

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