General Agriculture One-liner For Competitive Exam – 104

1. The optimum temperature for better crop yield is between: 18-24 degree Celsius

2. Which crop is grown as oil and fiber : Linseed

3. According to central pollution board which is the least polluted river of India : Narmada

4. What is the height of troposphere : 0.18 -0.27

5. Mean annual temperature of tropical zone is : Above 24 Degree Celsius

6. The practice of forestry with the object of producing wood and other forest products as a business enterprise is known as Production forestry

7. The unit of bulk density is g/cm3

8. Which of the light bring about dwarfing effect in plant: Violet & ultra violet light

9. Auxometer is an apparatus to measure by Growth

10. Plants grown in Blue light are Small in size

11. The capillary water lies between FC and PWP

12. The pressure exerted on the cell wall by fluid content of the cell is known as Turgor pressure

13. Which tree can be used for bio drainage work: Eucalyptus

14. The removal of excess water from ground surface is called as Surface drainage

15. Lalit is an improved variety of : Guava

16. Seedless in banana is due to Vegetative parthenocarpy

17. Seedless variety of mango is Sindhu

18. Which fruit crop only propagated through seed :Papaya

19. The most popular method for mango planting is: Square

20. Example of dioecious crop Papaya

21. NPK are regarded in plant nutrition as Macro nutrient

22. Example of combined source of fat and SNF : Sweetened condensed milk

23. Sweet orange belongs to family of Rutaceae

24. The sensitive stage to moisture stress in sorghum is Both flowering and grain filling

25. Fossils are studied under the branch of Palaeontology

26. Albedo values of agricultural field ranges between 0.18-0.27

27. Fuel cost is zero in which kind of energy: Wind energy

28. Which cloud known as rainy cloud : Cumulonimbus

29. Which of the following is not a basis of delineating agroclimatic zones in India: Land use planning

30. The national flower of India is Lotus

31. Individual crop has its minimum, optimum and maximum temperature for growth and development is called as : Cardinal temperature

32. Medium range weather forecasting is valid for 3-10 days

33. World metrological organization classified the cloud in: 10 parts

34. Which of the following Indian state has the largest salinized (saline) area : Gujarat

35. Specific heat is higher in Humus

36. Ranching is a common practice in Australia

37. In which part of atmosphere rainy clouds are formed : Troposphere

38. The absolute temperature is measured in Kalvin

39. The optimum temperature for better crop yield is between 18-24 Degree Celsius

40. The system of soil less culture is known as Hydroponics

41. According to central pollution control board which is least polluted river of India: Narmada

42. The head quarter of the world food prize foundation is at Des Moines (USA)

43. The crop insurance scheme is being implement at which level under the National Agricultural Insurance scheme (NAIS) District

44. The Secretary of DARE is:  Director general ICAR

45. Best quality of silk is Mulberry silk

46. Which is main source of water pollution Industrial effluents

47. Which crop is grown for oil and fiber : Linseed

48. What is the height of troposphere 0-16 km

49. Rainy day refers to Rainfall of 2.5mm or more in 24 hrs

50. The number of Agro Ecological Zones in India is 20

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