General Agriculture One-liner For Competitive Exam – 105

1.Abscisic acid is a Retardant

2.According to project estimate contribution of livestock to total agricultural output in India is 14 %

3.Aeciospores pf puccinia recondite infect to Wheat crop

4.Agricultural extension worker is An educator

5.Agrosan G.N is the name of Fungicide

6.All fruits are general Acidic in nature

7. The bacteroid Rhizobium is Microaerobic

8.Alternaria blight diseases can effectively controlled by Treating seed with hot water

9.Ammonium sulphate contain approximately 20% nitrogen

10. An accelerated hybrid sorghum breeding programme was initiated in India in

11. An acidic buffer solutions can be prepared by mixing solution of Ammonium acetate and acetic acid

12. An agent that causes gene mutations is known as Mutagen

13. An area in which seedling are raised to be transplanted elsewhere is called

14. An enzyme excreted by micro organisms into the environment is called

15. An enzyme formed within the cell and not excreted into medium is called

16. An example of parallel cropping is Wheat + Mustard

17. An example of market classified on business basis Retail

18. An extension programme should be carried out by Well trained personal

19. An indifference curve is always Convex to the origin

20. An indifference curve is defined as Points of various combination of two
commodities of same utility

21. An individual having the genotype AA is known as Homozygote

22. An intensity of k-fixation is maximum in Micas

23. An unorganised mass of cells developed on an agar medium is known as

24. Anthesis is a phenomenon which occurs When the flower opens first

25. Apple crop thrives best within the 45 – 60 F temperature range

26. Application of gypsum is required more for Groundnut

27. Application of potash increases Disease resistance in plants

28. Approximate what percent of all light absorbed by a leaf is lost as heat
90 to 95

29. Arachis hypogea L. is the botanical name of Groundnut

30. Areas receiving heavy rainfall in India are The great Himalayan barrier and hills of Assam

31. Arka chandan is a variety of Pumpkin

32. Arka shyam is a cultivar of fruit crop of Grape

33. Arrowing is known as Emergence if inflorescence in sugarcane

34. Artificial application of water to the soil for the purpose of crop production is called Irrigation

35. As an example of a synthetic culture medium may be cited Richard agar

36. As a oxygen concentration increase from zero the rate of aerobic respiration

37. At DNA level a gene mutation represent a change in Base pair sequence

38. At higher PH , the availability of molybdenum is Higher in soil

39. At molecular level ,mutation represents a change in Base pair sequence

40. At what PH value phosphate availability is the highest in the soil 6.5

41. ATP and NADPH are produced on the stroma side surface of the Thylakoid

42. Auxin is a Hormone

43. Availability of phosphorous is Lesser in acidic soil

44. Available water is Filed capacity minus wilting point

45. Average gestation period of cow 282 days

46. average location period of buffalo is of 300 days

47. average length of pregnancy (gestation) period in sheep is 147 days

48. Average wool yield per live per clip is highest for breed Jaisalmeri

49. Bacillus thurungesis is Bacteria

50. Bacterial diseases controlled by use of chemical Antibiotics.

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