General Agriculture One Liner For Competitive Exam – 83

Agriculture One Liner

Q. In cotton which type of emasculation mostly followed: Thumb and nail method

Q. Which type of male sterility system recently developed in cotton: CGMS

Q. Full name of CIMMYT: Centro-Internacional de Mejoramiento de Maize Y Trigo (or International centre for Wheat and Maize Improvement)

Q. Conventionally, visual selection is the basis of selection in method: Mass selection(Agriculture One Liner)

Q. Triticale is a cross between: Triticum aestivum X Secale serial

Q. H4 variety of cotton developed from: GAU, Surat station

Q. Varalaxmi variety of Cotton developed from: UAS, Dharwad

Q. CIMMYT mainly conduct research on Wheat and Maize crop.

Q. Effect of pollen grain on the maternal tissue called: Metaxenia

Q. Effect of pollen grain on the seed coat, chalaza is called : Xenia

Q. For resistance breeding the better parent is crossed with Wild relatives parent

Q. Pedigree method is designated for Transgressive breeding.

Q. Sex in plants discovered by: Camerarious (1964)

Q. Artificial pollination of Date palm done first time by :Babylonians and
Assyrians (700BC)

Q. Family of Alfalfa: Leguminosae(Agriculture One Liner)

Q. For selfing in Maize which part is bagged: Both of male and female parts

Q. Examples of two genetic emasculation techniques: CMS & GMS

Q. First cotton hybrid developed in the world in the year: 1970

Q. Bulbosum technique generally used for Haploid plant production in Barley crop

Q. Ability of a genotype to survive in mixture generally referred to as:
Competitive ability or fitness

Q. SSD method is most suitable if the character is less heritable.

Q. Pedigree method is best suitable if the character is highly heritable.

Q. When all the component lines are resistance against the effective pathogen in a multiline variety than that is called: Clean crop Approach

Q. NILs full form: Near Isogenic Lines(Agriculture One Liner)

Q. RILs full form: Recombinant Inbred Lines

Q. KSML full form: Kalyan Sona Multiline

Q. MLKS full form: Multiline Kalyan Sona

Q. Double haploid technique used to obtain Homozygous lines

Q. DH lines of Tobacco developed through Anther culture method

Q. Animal which exploit heterosis : Cow, Silk Worm, Poultry, Swine.

Q. Dieback of citrus agrilearner occurs due to the deficiency : Cu(Agriculture One Liner)

Q. Which statement is incorrect in relation to drip irrigation : Low fertilizer use efficiency

Q. Propping done in : Banana

Q. Which is Primary tillage implement : Wooden plough, Hand hoe, Disc harrowing

Q. Egg parasitoid : Trichogramma

Q.Mango variety which is planted at the rate of 1600 plants/ha : Amrapali 

Q. Apex institute for agriculture marketing in India : NAFED

Q. Best control method for stored grain pest : Fumigation (Agriculture One Liner)

Q. Little leaf of litchi : Zn deficiency

Q. Die back of citrus : Cu deficiency

Q. Which one is main function of AGMARK – Maintain quality of commodity

Q. Most popular variety of tomato : Pusa ruby

Q. Leaf curl of chillies is due to- Thrip (Agriculture One Liner)

Q. Which variety of radish can be grown throughout the year : Pusa himani

Q. Indian journal of fertilisers is published by : Fertilizer Association of India

Q. Early maturity variety of maize is- Ganga safeda

Q. The main storage polysaccharide in animal cells is : Glycogen

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