General Agriculture One-liner For Competitive Exam -116

Q. The evaporation of water from plants is called – transpiration

Q. Evaporation from soil and transpiration combined are called Evapotranspiration (ET)

Q. C4 Plants proposed by Hatch and slack (1970)

Q. The darkk reaction process of photosynthesis has been named variously – Calvin cycle or Blackman reaction

Q. Light reaction is also known as Hill reaction

Q. In photosynthesis , the solar energy converts into – Chemical energy

Q. The OSMOSIS term was given by – Abble Nollet (1748)

Q. The term “diffusion pressure deficit “ was introduced by – Meyer in 1938

Q. The term Imbibition was coined by – Sachs

Q. Imbibition Pressure is also known as – Matric Potential

Q. Root pressure word was coined by- Stephan Hales

Q. Father of Physiology – Stephan Hales

Q. Soil les cultivation of plants is known as Hydroponics

Q. Rate of transpiration is determined by – Potometer

Q. The loss of sap (water) from the injured parts of plants is called – Bleeding

Q. Approximately 90% of the world photosynthesis is carried out by – Marine and fresh water algae

Q. Net production of ATP in Glycolysis is 2

Q. Growth rate is measured by Auxanometer & Cresco graph

Q. Photoperiodism term was coined by –TD Lysenko (1920)

Q. Apical Bud dominance is caused by which hormone – Auxin

Q. Which hormones is used as a herbicide=auxin

Q. Which hormone is related to drought tolerance- absicic acid (ABA)

Q. Dormancy break by which hormone – Cytokinis

Q. Stress hardening in plants can be active by which hormone ABA

Q. Fruit ripening hormone is – ethylene

Q. The term auxin was used by – Frits went (Holland) 1905

Q. Want’s auxin is now known as – Indole -3-acetic acid (IAA)

Q. Which hormones are the Auxin – IAA, IBA, NAA , 2-4-D,2,4,5-T’ MCPA ,IPA TIBA etc

Q. Shedding of plant parts is due to- ABA hormones

Q. Cycocel (CCC) is a growth retardant

Q. The most widely used auxin herbiceds are 2-4-D,2,4,5-T’ MCPA

Q. Gibberellins were first discovered in japan

Q. The hormones also known as – Photo hormones , growth hormones , growth substances

Q. Main auxin is also known as -IAA

Q. Root promoting hormones is IBA

Q. The precursor of IAA is – Tryptophasne

Q. Synthesis of IAA in plants requires Zinc

Q. The term phytohormone for hormones of plants is suggested by – Thimann (1948)

Q. The term genetic resources was coined by – Frankel

Q. Mendel began his famous experiments on Pea in 1857

Q. Mendel Paper entitled “Experiments in Plant Hybridization “ was presented in German Language in two papers in 1865 (feb 8 and march 8)

Q. Mendel Paper published in the annual proceeding of society in 1866

Q. The term “Genetics” was coined by – Bateson (1905)

Q. The term gene , genotype and phenotype were used by – Johannsen in 1903

Q. Germplasm theory was proposed by Weismann

Q. Crossing over term was used first time by- Morgan and cttell in 1911

Q. Operon model of gene regulation was discovered by – Jacob and Monad 1961

Q. The term chromosome was coined by –Waldeyer in 1888

Q. One gene one enzmes hypothesis was proposed by- Beadle and Tatum In 1941

Q. First time gene was divided into cistron, muton and recon by Benzer (1955)

Q. Sex chromosomes are also known as allosomes

Q. Crossing over occurs in – Pachytene stage

Q. The tendency of two or more genes to remain together in the same chromsome during inheritance is referred to as – Linkage

Q. Chiasma type theory of crossing over was proposed by -Janssens

Q. Genic balance system of sex determination was proposed by- bridge in 1922

Q. Monogenic sex determination is found in – Asparagus , Papaya , maize , spinach etc.

Q. The homozygous progeny of a self – pollinated homozygous plant is known as – Pure lines

Q. The concept of purelines theory was developed by –Johannsen (1903), Danish biologist

Q. Breeding method for self -pollinated crops are – Pure line selection , Mass Selection , Progeny selection, Bulk Method, Pedigree method , single seed descent method , Back cross Method

Q. A multiline variety is a mixture of –Several pure lines

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