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General Agriculture

General Agriculture

Asian tea Alliance launchced in China on April 19, 2019 (Members of this association are India, China, Srilanka, Indonesia and Japan. Main objective: To enhance tea trade, cultural exchanges and promoting tea.

Annual Average rainfall of the country for the year 2018-804 mm (Avg. rainfall of the country is 890 mm)

(General Agriculture)

The World Food Prize 2018 was awarded toLawrence Haddad and Dr. David Nabarro for their individual but complementary global leadership in elevating maternal and child under nutrition within food security (First World Food Prize won by- MS Swaminathan)

Egg production of the country for the year 2018-19 was- 88 billion

Per capita availability of eggs in India is- 69 per person per year

Position of India in terms of Egg Production- 3rd (1-China; 2- USA)

Total milk production in the year 2017-18 was- 176.35 Mt

Per capita availability of Milk in India- 376 gm per person per day

India’s share in World Milk production- 17%

Minimum Support Price recommended by Commission for Agricultural Cost and Prices (CACP)

MSP announced by- Government of India: MSP is calculated based on Avg. Cost of Production

(General Agriculture)

At present MSP is announced for – 23 crop commodities only

The state that produces highest food grains is- Uttar Pradesh

The State that produces highest Pulses is-Madhya Pradesh

The state that ranks first in Oilseed production is Rajasthan

2018- National year of Millets

The First Ever world Pulse Celebrated on-10 Feb, 2019

FAO of the UN declared the annual observance of World Pulses day starting from the year-2019

Institutional credit for Agriculture sector for the year 2018-19- 11 lakh crore

Time period for achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set up by UN is- 2015-2030

(General Agriculture)

Number of Sustainable Development goals- 17

Main aim of Sustainable Development Goals laid by the United Nations is – to ensure food security vis-a-vis nutritional security.

United Nations Climate Change Conference (“COP24”) held at- Katowice, Poland 03 Dec-14 Dec 2018.

Concept of “Climate smart agriculture” given by FAO

Share of Agriculture and allied sectors to India’s national employment- 52%

Chairman of 15th Finance Commission (2017-2022) was- NK Singh

Total number of regulated markets in India- 7320

(General Agriculture)

Total number of APMCs (Agricultural Produce Market Committees)- 585

Total number of GRAMs (Gramin Retail Agriculture Markets)-22,000

Model Contract farming Act bill passed on-May, 2018

Model Contract farming Act will provide adequate confidence to farmers and incentives to sponsors to enter into contract.

Govt. of India Constituted Agri export policy for farmers on- 9 Dec, 2018 (aim: to double agri exports to 60 billion$ by 2022)

India’s First Agromet Forecast Centre Inaugurated at- UAS, Dharwad, Karnataka. (Main objective is to accurate reports on weather which would enable the farmers to protect the crops and get a good yield.)

(General Agriculture)

4th Agri Leadership Summit 2019 held at- Sonipat, Haryana. Theme: Entrepreneurship & Agri business; Agri Allied- A Promising sector and AGri ServiceDirect Marketing.

Ministry of Tribal Affiars launched Minimum Support Price for Minor Forest produces and Value Addition as component of Van dhan Scheme.

India has become the fourth country in the world to Launch Anti Satellite Missile to Hit a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite in Space under Mission Shakti on 28 March, 2019.

India ranks in terms of Cultivation of GM Crops/ Biotech crops- – 5th Nodal Agency that deals in procurement, processing, distribution, export& import of selected agricultural commodities- NAFED

Nodal agency for undertaking price support operations for pulses & oilseeds and market intervention operation for other agricultural commodities is- NAFED

(General Agriculture)

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