General Agriculture One Liner For Competitive exam-39

General Agriculture

General Agriculture

#The ‘Sawai chal’ is the particular character of?- Kankrej Bull

#Which is the oldest method of feeding the chicks, broilers and layers? – Whole grain feeding

#How is fertilizer quality controlled in India? – Fertilizer Control Order

#Insects are included in the phylum? – Arthopoda

#What is the range of soil pH? – 0-14

(General Agriculture)

#Rural cooperative credit societies in India were organized based on the which model? – Raiffeisen

#Who gave the ‘Weende method of feed analysis? – Stohman and Hennberg

#Papaya is commercially propagated by? – Seed

#Banana is commercially propagated by?Sucker

# Girdling is most common in? – Grape

#Balanagar is a variety of? – Custard apple

#Water infiltration is more rapid in which of soils? – Sandy soils

#Close planting of tall growing trees all around the orchard is called as:? – Wind break

(General Agriculture)

#Grape is a?- Non climacteric

#Which are plants with woody stems which are smaller than trees but bigger than herbaceous plants ? – Shrub

# Mung contains nearly __of proteins?- 24%

# The artificial application of water into soil to supplement rainfall for crop production.? – Irrigation

# A mineral that forms an original component of rock is called as? – Primary mineral

# Soils in India are formed in depressions under submerged condition? – Peaty and marshy

(General Agriculture)

#Black pepper is known as .? – king of spices

#physical condition of the soil resulting from the tillage.? – Tilth

# An apex organization of marketing cooperatives for agricultural produce in India? – NAFED

# Which Prime Minister launched India’s first television dedicated to farmers, DD Kisan? – Narendra Modi

# Which nutrients are immobile in plants? – Ca and B

# Which are the primary soil particles? – Clay, silt, sand

(General Agriculture)

# Which soil has the maximum nutrient holding capacity? – Clay soil

# Which nutrient imparts disease resistance to crops? – K

# Late blight of potato is caused by?Phytopthora infestans

# Which is the first fertilizer produced in India? – Single super phosphate

# Groundnut faces a serious problem of aflatoxin which is caused by? – Aspergillus flavous

# Father of agronomy is – peter decresenzi. 

#Dr. Biwant Rajis the founder of Relay cropping

# The Directorate of cropping System research is located at – Modipuram , meerut, U.P. 

(General Agriculture)

#Scientific study of mixed cropping was firstly done by – La-Flitze (1928)

# Relay cropping concept was derived from – Relay race 

#Natural Resource management is an example of sustainable agriculture

# Cropping System is a component of – farming System 

#When the sub crop are sown to supplement of yield of the main crop , the sub crops are known as — augmenting crops 

#The main crop is grown in the centre , surrounded by hardly or thorny crops, the sub crop is known as – guard crops 

(General Agriculture)

#The yield of both crops , grown together are found to be higher than the yield of their pure crops on unit area , such cropping is known as — synergetic cropping

#What is a cash crops — those crops , which may be sold directly from the field without processing like vegetables , potato, etc. 

#Formula of Cropping Intensity = Total Cropping Area /total sown area *100

#The growing of two or more crops on the same field in a year is called — multiple cropping

#The practice of raising grasses or pasture , is also known as — ley farming

#In India , the maximum acreage and production of wheat is in UP

(General Agriculture)

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