General Agriculture One Liner For Competitive exam

General Agriculture

Edible part of cauliflower: Curd

 Blanching is an important process of: Cauliflower

Whiptail of cauliflower due to: Mo deficiency

Pusa ruby is a variety of: Tomato

Swaran roopa is the early variety of: Litchi

Pajaro: is the variety of: Strawberry

Bolero is the variety of: Marigold

Richest source of vitamin C is: Barbados cherry

Largest importer of cut flower in the world: Germany

The dwarf variety of mango: Amarapali

California Papershell is the variety of: Almond

Fruit of rose known as: Hips

Fruit of okra is: Capsule

Coconut fat rich source of: Lauric acid

Coconut is propagated by: Seeds

Mango is mostly propagated through: Veneer grafting

Inflorescence of cauliflower known as: Cat ken

Black heart of potato due to: Oxygen deficiency

Pusa snow ball is a variety of: Cauliflower

India’s share in the fruit production in the World is:10%.

Development of fruits without fertilization is called: Parthenocarpy

Development of embryo without fertilization is known as: Apomixis

Oleoresin is an important product of: Chilli

Kesar (saffron) belong to the family of: Iridiceae

Concentration of sugar is used for preservation is: 60-70 %

Mango variety suitable for high density planting is: Amrapali

Most salt tolerant fruit crop is: Date palm

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