General Agriculture One Liner For Competitive exam-45

Agriculture One Liner

Agriculture One Liner

# The most widely used auxin herbiceds are 2-4-D,2,4,5-T’ MCPA

#Gibberellins were first discovered in japan

#The hormones also known as – Photo hormones , growth hormones , growth substances

#Main auxin is also known as –IAA

#Root promoting hormones is IBA

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#The precursor of IAA is – Tryptophasne

#Synthesis of IAA in plants requires Zinc

#The term phytohormone for hormones of plants is suggested by – Thimann (1948)

#The term genetic resources was coined by – Frankel

#Mendel began his famous experiments on Pea in 1857

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#Mendel Paper entitled “Experiments in Plant Hybridization “ was presented in German Language in two papers in 1865 (feb 8 and march 8)

#Mendel Paper published in the annual proceeding of society in 1866

#The term “Genetics” was coined by – Bateson (1905)

#The term gene , genotype and phenotype were used by – Johannsen in 1903

#Germplasm theory was proposed by Weismann

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#Crossing over term was used first time by- Morgan and cttell in 1911

#Operon model of gene regulation was discovered by – Jacob and Monad 1961

#The term chromosome was coined by –Waldeyer in 1888

#One gene one enzmes hypothesis was proposed by- Beadle and Tatum In 1941

#First time gene was divided into cistron, muton and recon by Benzer (1955)

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#Sex chromosomes are also known as allosomes

#Crossing over occurs in – Pachytene stage

#The tendency of two or more genes to remain together in the same chromsome during inheritance is referred to as – Linkage

#Chiasma type theory of crossing over was proposed by –Janssens

#Genic balance system of sex determination was proposed by- bridge in 1922

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#Monogenic sex determination is found in – Asparagus , Papaya , maize , spinach etc.

#The homozygous progeny of a self – pollinated homozygous plant is known as – Pure lines

#The concept of purelines theory was developed by –Johannsen (1903), Danish biologist

#Breeding method for self -pollinated crops are – Pure line selection , Mass Selection , Progeny selection, Bulk Method, Pedigree method , single seed descent method , Back cross Method

#A multiline variety is a mixture of –Several pure lines

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#Bulk method was first used by- Nelson Ehle in 1908

#The modification of bulk method is – Single seed descent 

#In pure line Theory ,Johannsen was working on- Princess variety of Rajma

#Mass Pedigree Method was proposed by- Harrington in 1937

#The oldest method of selection is – mass Selection

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#Progeny test was developed by –Louis de Vilmorin

#Progeny Test is also known as – Vilmorin isolation principle

#Single seed Descent method applied for the first time in oat in 1965 by – Graphius

#The term recurrent selection was coined by –Hull in1945

#The use of synthetic varieties for commercial cultivation was first suggested in maize by-Hayes and Garber , 1919

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#Synthetic varieties are maintained by-open Pollination

#A synthetic variety can be developed from-Inbreeds, clones and open pollinated varieties .

#The general or basic concept in the development of synthetic varieties is – Exploitation of hybrid vigour

#The concept of disruptive mating and selection was developed by – Mather (1953) and Thody (1958)

#The Concept of dialled selective mating system was originally develped by – jonsen in 1970

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#The hetrosis is also known as – Hybrid vigour

#The term heterosis was first used by – Shull in 1914

#Dominance theory was proposed by – Devenport in 1908

#The cross between inbred line and open pollinated variety was done in – top cross method

#The resistance of host to the particular race of a pathogen is known as – vertical resistance

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