General Agriculture One Liner For Competitive exam-54

Agriculture One Liner

#the ratio of total cropped area in different seasons to the total land area is known as – Cropping intensity

#The branch of agriculture which deals with scientific crop production and management is – Agronomy

#Cultivation of crops in Areas where rainfall is less than 750 MM per annum is known as – dry farming 

#the study of the inter – relationship of living organisms with each other and with their environment in an agricultural system is called as – Agro- ecology 

(Agriculture One Liner)

#The crops that are grown to break the continuity of the agro-ecological situation of the field under multiple cropping systems are called as – brake crop

#The competitive interaction between the crop species in intercropping and sequential cropping through the release of chemical substances or toxins is called – allelopathy

#The chemical substance released by one species may inhibit more strongly plants of the producer species it self is termed as – Auto – inhibition

#The production technique that combines agriculture and forestry , horticulture or animal husbandry on the same piece of land in the order to fully utilize the natural resources is called as – Agro- forestry 

(Agriculture One Liner)

#the fraction of the total solar radiation incident on a body that is reflated by it and expressed in % age is called as – Albedo

#A substance added to a soil for the improvement of its physical and chemical properties is called as – Ameliorant 

#An appropriate combination of farm enterprises i.e. cropping system ,livestock, poultry ,fisheries , forestry and the means available to the farmer to raise them for increasing profitability is called as – farming systems

(Agriculture One Liner)

#The scientist , who has been called as father of organic farming is – albert Howard

#the process of use of micro- organism to remove salts from soil is referred as – Bioremediation

#the organization that is related to export of ’ Agricultural processed product ’ is – Agri- export zone 

#“ Sugarcane breeding Institute “is located at – Coimbatore 

(Agriculture One Liner)

#The ratio between water deficit to potential evapotranspiration and expressed in %age is termed as – Aridity index

#A term given by Donald in 1963 , Which is a measure to find out the yield of various crops when grown together as well as separately and indicating the yield per plant of different crops in mixture and their respective pure stand on an units basis is known as Competition Index

#A biological model which is expected to perform or behave in a predictable manner a defined environment is known as – Ideotype

#gene responsible for dwarfing characters in rice is – Dee-Gee-Woo-gen

(Agriculture One Liner)

#The removal of excess water known as free water or gravitational water from the surface of the farm land as to create favourable soil conditions for plants growth is called as – Agriculture drainage

#The growing of agricultural crops along with the forest crop is known as – Agri- silviculture

#A land units defined in terms of major climate and growing period, which is climatically the homogenous response of a crop or a farming system is called as – Agro – climatic zone

(Agriculture One Liner)

#An alternative renewable fuel ,produced from vegetable oils or animal fats through a refinery recess called trans- esterification is called as – Bio – diesel

#in India , NRC for medicine and aromatic plants is located at – Anand

#A branch of science , which deals with the stud of grasses , their classification , management and utilization is called – Agrostology

#The area that comprises of all the areas from which water flows out into a common river or water pool is called as-Catchment Area

(Agriculture One Liner)

#A branch of science, that studies the aspects of climate , which are relevant to the problems of agriculture is called – Agro- climatology

#A Medium , which resists change or a substance added to resist change in concentration of-r pH activity in a solution as called as – Buffer

#the crop which is grown as a substitute for the main crop that has failed on account of unfavourable condition is called as – Catch crop

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