General Agriculture One Liner For Competitive Exam – 87

Q. India is the only country to have develops and grown hybrid cotton commercially.

Q. Karnataka is the largest producer of coffee in the country.

Q. China is the largest producing and consuming country of tobacco in the world whereas, India has third position in production of tobacco.

Q. Phenyl mercuric acid (PMA) is a chemical used in agriculture crops in order to: Reduce transpiration

Q. Jowar is known as: Camel crop Kings of coarse grains.

Q. India is the second country after China to have commercialized the hybrid rice technology.

Q. Edible part of cauliflower is: Curd

Q. Blanching is an important process of: Cauliflower

Q. Whiptail of cauliflower is due to: MO Deficiency

Q. Pusa ruby is a variety of: Tomato

Q. Swaran roopa is the early variety of: Litchi

Q. Pajaro is the variety of: Strawberry

Q. Bolero is the variety of: Marigold

Q. Richest source of vitamin C is: Barbados cherry

Q. Largest importer of cut flower in the world: Germany

Q. The dwarf variety of mango: Amrapali

Q. California Papershell is the variety of Almond

Q. Fruit of rose is known as: Hips

Q. Fruit of okra is a: Capsule

Q. Coconut fat is a rich source of: Lauric acid

Q. Coconut is propagated by: Seeds

Q. Mango is mostly propagated through: Veneer grafting.

Q. Inflorescence of cabbage is known as: Catken

Q. Black heart of potato is due to: O2 deficiency

Q. Pusa snowball is a variety of: Cauliflower

Q. India’s share in the fruit production in the World is: 10%

Q. Development of fruits without fertilization is called: Parthenocarpy

Q. Development of embryo without fertilization is known as: Apomixis

Q. Oleoresin is an important product of: Chilli seeds.

Q. Kesar (saffron) belong to the family of: Iridiceae

Q. Concentration of sugar is used for preservation is : 60-70 %

Q. Mango variety suitable for high density planting is: Amrapali 

Q. Most salt tolerant fruit crop is: Date Palm

Q. Fruit repining hormone is: Ethylene.

Q. A form of low pruning upto 2 m height of stem is called as Pollarding

Q. Early variety of ber is: Gola, Seb
Planting season for deciduous plants is Jan-Feb.

Q. The variety of date- palm is used for dry dates (Chhuhara) Halawi.

Q. Generally fruits are in: Acidic nature

Q. Baradari is an important feature of: Mughal garden

Q. The fruit of pine apple is known as: Sorosis

Q. Which crop is propagated by means of bulbils (clove): Garlic

Q. Edible banana fruit is seedless because of: embryo abortion (vegetative parthenocarpy).

Q. Multistoried cropping is popular in: Coconut plantation.

Q. Which is the late ripening cultivar of ber: Umran

Q. Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana was launched in : 2007

Q. Little leaf in cotton is due to deficiency of : Mn

Q.  Botanical name of Dent corn : Zea mays var. indentata

Q. Grapevine fan leaf virus is transmitted by nematode: Xiphinema index

Q. Queen of oilseeds : Sesame

Q. Aerobic free living nitrogen fixing microorganism is : Azotobacter

Q. Ozone day : Sept 16

Q. Dimecron is a trade name of : Phosphamidon

Q. Scarification in groundnut is caused by _ pest : Termite

Q.  Guttation occurs normally at : Night

Q. MRL expand : Maximum Residue Limit

Q. credit was provided for the purchase of inputs like seeds, fertilizers, etc. : Short term

Q. World Heritage day : April 18

Q. Downward movement of water in saturated soil is known as : Percolation

Q. Which disease is known as Cancer of wheat : Karnal bunt

Q. Passing of rope on rice crop controls _ pest : Caseworm

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