General agriculture one-liner For Competitive Exam-91

1.Grown along irrigation and drainage channels or waterbodies is known as Riparian crop

2.A line is left snow in the regular row series of sowing is known as Skip cropping

3.Such crop are grown to preserve in pits in a succulent conditions by a process of natural  fermentation is known as Silage crops ( Cowpea , jowar )

4.Able to suppress the population and growth of weeds by providing dense foliage and quick grow ability is known as Smother crop

5.Grow to harvest while they are still green and fed fresh to livestock in stalls is known as Soiling crops

6.Trap crop also known as Decoy crops

7.Grow to trap insect pest and soil borne harmful biotic agent such as parasitic weed is known as Trap crop

8.Grown to market fresh is known as Truck crop ( Bhindi ,Spinach )

9.Such crop are grown for temporary storing as intact in warehouse for future use or sale is known as Ware crop ( Potato )

10. Tropical rice , grown in India , awnless or short awn , late maturity , long stem that variety is known as Indica Rice

11. Grown between Jan -Feb to Apl – May this variety of rice is known as Boro rice

12. Temperate or s b tropical rice , grown in japan early maturity , photosynthetcally very active , short stem very responsive to nitrogenous  fertilizer , No lodging this variety is known as Japonica Rice

13. Wild form of rice, grown in Indonesia this type of variety is known as Javanica Rice

14. Rice of Inflorescence is known as Panicle

15. I R -8 Was evolved by breeder Henry M.Beachell

16. I R – 8 was introduced in India in 1966

17. World’s first high yielding dwarf variety of rice is Pusa Basmati – 1

18. Deep water rice varieties are Jalmagan , Madhukar , Jaladhi 1 & 2 , Jalalriya.

19. Aromatic ( scented ) rice varieties are Pusa Basmati , Sabarmati , Kasturi , Dehradun, Basmati ( T-3) , Kasturi

20. Seedling become ready to transplanting on 12th day this method is known as Dapog method

21. Hybrid rice 1st developed by China

22. Hybrid rice 2nd developed by India ( 1994 ) Only Hybrid rice which is released by private organization is PHB – 71

24. Triple gene dwarf varieties of wheat are released in 1970

25. Single gene dwarf varieties wheat are Sonalika , UP – 262 , WL – 711 , Girija

26. Double gene dwarf varieties are Kalyansona , Arjun , Janak , UP – 215 , HD-2204 , pratap

27. Triple gene dwarf varieties wheat are Hira , Mot , Jawahar , Jyot , Sangam

28. Late sown wheat varieties are Sonora 64 , Sarbat Sonora , Sonalika , UP – 301

29. Idea of hybrid maize was 1st conceived by E .M .East & G H SHULL in 1910 by single cross technique.

30. Single cross technique of maize mostly seed in China & USA

31. Double cross technique for hybrid seed production of maize given by D .F. Jonese in ( 1920 )

32. Double cross technique of maize mostly seed in India

33. All India coordinated Maize Improvement project wad started in 1957

34. The crop whose roots are finer and more fibrous than maize is Jowar

35. Jowar is poor in Lysine

36. Jowar is rich in Leucine

37. First sorghum hybrid in 1964

38. Name of 1st sorghum hybrid is CSH-1

39. Most drought tolerant crop among the Cereals and millets are Bajra

40. The crop which are sensitive to water logging and acidic soils are Bajra

41. 1st hybrid Bajra is HBI ( Hybrid Bajra -1 )

42. Hybrid bajra released in 1965

43. The word Pulse is derived from French word Potage or Poridge means soup (dal )

44. The term leg me derived from Latin word “Legene” means collect

45. Bacterial mod les are found mostly on Secondary roots in all legumes

46. Resistant variety of gram to Ascochyta blight is Gaurav

47. Resistant variety of gram to wilt is Avrodhi & JG- 74

48. Arhar is grown on wide range of soil having PH 5-8

49. Soybean crop is also known as Wonder crop

50. Soybean is also called a meat of Poor man

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