General Agriculture One-liner For Competitive Exam – 98

1.Term of “Ecology” derived from- ‘Oikos’ meaning home.

2.The percentage of incoming radiations that reflected is called Albedo.

3.Where photosynthates accumulate is called Sink

4.The concept of Ideotype was given by Donald in 1968

5.Competition ideotypes are suitable for Mixed cultivation

6.Agro-climatic Regional planning in India was initiated in 1988 by planning commission

7.Soil colour is one of the factor which affect Microclimate

8.Harvest Index is also called Coefficient of Effectiveness

9.No.of agro ecological zones in India 21 agro ecological zones

10.Cropping intensity is lowest in Jammu & Kashmir

11.Cropping intensity is highest in Himachal Pradesh

12.Cultivation of crop in area where annual rainfall is less than 750 mm is
known as Dry farming 

13.Cultivation of crop in area where annual rainfall is more than 750mm but
less than 1150mm is known as Dryland farming

14.Cultivation of crop in area where annual rainfall is more than 1150 mm Rainfed farming

15.ICRISAT means International Crop Research Institute for Semi Arid Tropics

16.ICRISAT is established on OCT 11 , 1972 near Hyderabad (PATANCHERU)

17.ICARDA means International Centre for Agl.Research in Dry Area

18.ICARDA established on 1977 at Aleppo (Syria)

19.Cultivation of crop along the contours of slope is known as Contour cultivation

20. Any material applied on the soil surface to check evaporation and improve
soil water is known as Mulching

21.Soil mulch is also known as Dust mulch

22.If the soil surface loosened ,it act as a mulch in for reducing evaporation is
known as Soil mulch or Dust mulch

23.Use of crop residues like wheat straw or cotton stalks known as
Stubble mulch

24.Use of straw as mulching material is known as Straw mulch

25.Use of plastic material like polyethylene,polyvinyl chloride is known as Plastic mulch

26.Require preparatory tillage is known as Arable crop (potato,rice ,maize etc..)

27.Such arable crops which are grown in passage formed by tree & shrubs is known as Alley crops

28.Such crop are sown to supplement the yield of the main crop is known as
Augmenting crop

29. Crop are grown along farm road and fences is known as Avenue crop

30.Border crop is also known as Barrier crop or Guard crop

31.Break the continuity of agro ecological situation of the field under multiple
cropping system is known as Break crop

32.Crop are grown for sale to earn hard cash is known as Cash crop ( jute ,tobacco etc.)

33.Catch crop is also known as Contingent or Emergency crop

34.The crop which are cultivated to catch the forthcoming season when main crop
are failed is known as Catch crop (green gram , urd ,cowpea etc…)

35.Agronomical practices make field clean is known as Cleaning crop (potato,maize etc.)

36.”Cole” word is derived from Colewart

37.Crop which are grow in cold weather and capable for withstand considerable
frost is known as Cole crop

38.Grown on or along the contour line to Protect the land for erosion is known as
Contour crop

39.Such crop which are grown for earn Money is known as Commercial crop (Tabacco,cotton etc….)

40.Able to protect the soil surface from erosion through the ground covering
or root mats is known as Cover crop ( lobia ,ground nut etc…)

41.Each other crop is benefited in Intercropping is known as Complementary crop

42.Crop which are compete to each other are not suitable for intercropping is
known as Competitive crops (two cereals)

43.Crop which are neither competitive nor complementary is known as Supplementary crops (Maize + Cucurbits)

44.Crop which leave the field exhaustitive after growing is known as Exhaustitive crop ( Cereals)

45.Obtain liquid energy such as ethanol and alcohol is known as Energy crops (sugarcane ,potato etc…)

46.Whose cultural practices allow the infestation of weed is known as Fouling crop (direct seeded upland rice)

47.Any crop or combination of crop in grown for grazing is known as Ley crop (Berseem + Mustard)

48.To conserve soil moisture such crop known as Mulch crop ( cowpea )

49.Such crop help in the nourishment of other crop by providing shade and acting as climbing stick is known as Nurse crops ( Jowar in cowpea)

50.Paira crop is also known as Utera crops

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