General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 10

1. A single cross (A x B) x OP variety ?

Ans. Double top cross.

2. A single DNA molecule condensed into a compact structure in vivo by complexing with accessory histones or histone-like proteins. ?

Ans. Chromosome.

3. A single gene affecting more than one character/governing multiple traits ?

Ans. Pleiotropy.

4. A single practice demonstration used to show method of sowing ?

Ans. Method demonstration .

5. A situation in which a crop needs more of a given nutrient yet has shown no deficiency symptoms ?

Ans. Hidden Hunger.

6. A library composed of complementary copies of cellular mRNA ?

Ans. C-DNA.

7. A soil having more sodium salt, more than 8.5 PH and 15 ESP ?

Ans. Alkali soil.

8. A soil with pH value 4.7 can be termed as ?

Ans. Acidic.

9. A statement of situation, objectives, problems and solutions ?

Ans. Programme.

10. A specific way adopted by the communicator to communicate his message effectively so that whole message is understood by maximum number of audience. ?

Ans. Treatment of message.

11. A substance used for artificial rain stimulation ?

Ans. AgI/dry ice.

12. A system of tillage in which organic residues are not inverted into the soil and used as a protective cover against erosion and evaporational losses of soil moisture ?

Ans. Conservation tillage or stubble mulch tillage.

13. A systematic display of models, specimens, charts, real objects and any informative materials. ?

Ans. Exhibition.

14. A tall pea plant (DD) and a tall pea plant (Dd) have what in common ?

Ans. Phenotype.

15. A technique to rejuvenate unproductive and senile cashew trees ?

Ans. Top working.

16. A thin layer of meristematic cells located between phloem and xylem

Ans. Cambium.

17. A time based market basically for perishable goods ?

Ans. Short period market.

18. A trangenic plant containing genes from both potato and tomato plants ?

Ans. Pomato.

19. A typical climacteric fruit is

Ans.  Banana

20. A transparent picture or photograph in an individual mount, projected through slide projector ?

Ans. Slides.

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