General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 15

1. Alleppey’ is a variety of ?

Ans. Turmeric.

2. Allocation of treatments to the different experimental units by a random process ?

Ans. Randomization.

3. Alphanso is a variety of ?

Ans. Mango.

4. Alternaria blight of mustard is caused by ?

Ans. Alternaria brassicae.

5. Alternaria blight or leaf spot of sunflower is caused by ?

Ans. Alternaria helianthi.

6. Alternate forms of a gene ?

Ans. Allele.

7. Alternate host of black stem rust of wheat in India is ?

Ans. Berberries sp.

8. Rhizoctonia bataticola is a disease related to which crop ?

Ans. Soyabean.

9. American Agricultural Scientist who won Nobel Peace Prize in 1970 ?

Ans. Norman E. Borlaug (Green revolution).

10. American/upland/new world cotton is ?

Ans. G. hirsutum.

11. Amid form of N fertilizer ?

Ans. Urea.

12. Ammonical fertilizers are not ideal for …………..soil ?

Ans. Alkaline.

13. Amount of Water vapour present in a unit volume of air ?

Ans. Absolute humidity.

14. Amount of Water vapour present in kilogram of air ?

Ans. Specific humidity.

15. Amrapalli is a cross of ?

Ans. Dashehari × Neelam.

16. Amritmahal is a ——–breed of cattle ?

Ans. Draught breed .

17. An acaricide effective agnist all stages of red spider mite and bee mite (Acarapis woodi) is ?

Ans. Chlorobenzilate.

18. An aggregation of minute drops of water suspended in the air at higher altitude termed as ?

Ans. Clouds.

19. An agro-machinery used for sowing operations ?

Ans. Seed Drill.

20. An alternate host of rice stem borer ?

Ans. Panicum repens.

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