General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 16

1. An annual flowering plant grown throughout the year ?

Ans. Balsam.

2. An appropriate combination of farm enterprises viz., cropping system, livestock, poultry, fisheries and the means available to the farmer to raise them for increasing profitability is called as ?

Ans. Farming system.

3. An arbor formed of columns supporting trelliswork on which climbing plants are often trained is known as ?

Ans. Pergola.

4. An art of growing and training of a plant to a miniature form having a natural look of old age ?

Ans. Bonsai.

5. An attention with a sense of concerns focused upon some object ?

Ans. Interest.

6. An average % of solar radiation reaching to the earth ?

Ans. 70.

7. An average size of rain drop ?

Ans. 2 mm diameter.

8. An earwig predating on Oryctes rhinoceros ?

Ans. Cheisoches moris.

9. An easy technique of insecticide application in household ?

Ans. Aerosol bomb.

10. An educational process to bring about desirable changes ?

Ans. Extension.

11. The respiratory roots are called as?

Ans. Pneumatophores.

12. An element making a constituent of Vitamin B12 is ?

Ans. Cobalt.

13. An element needed for nodule formation in leguminous crops ?

Ans. Boron.

14. An element not essential but useful to rice ?

Ans. Silicon.

15. An element responsible for change in flower colour of Hydrangea is ?

Ans. Aluminium.

16. An energy spending process ?

Ans. Photorespiration.

17. Degradation of land in arid, semi arid and dry sub humid areas by human activities and climatic variation ?

Ans. Desertification .

18. An exact genetic replica of a specific gene or an entire organism. ?

Ans. Clone.

19. An example of blast sprayer ?

Ans. Hand atomizer/ flit pump.

20. An example of trap cropping ?

Ans. Bhindi around cotton.

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