General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 17

1. An expression of one gene depends on the presence or absence of another gene in an individual. ?

Ans. Epistasis/gene interaction.

2. An extension teacher help farmer to attain desirable changes in his ?

Ans. Behaviour.

3. An ideal about the flatness/peakedness of the curve ?

Ans. Kurtosis.

4. An ideal condition of soil texture for crop growth ?

Ans. Medium textured soil.

5. An ideal plant for indoor gardening is ?

Ans. Ficus.

6. An important component of Japanese garden is ?

Ans. Water, plants, rocks etc.

7. An important male sterility source of sorghum ?

Ans. Tift 60.

8. An insecticide with strong contract and fumigant action ?

Ans. Diazinon.

9. An inset controlled by male sterilization technique in the South Pacific Island ?

Ans. Dacus Cucurbitae.

10. An Official document that indicates that plant material has been inspected by competent authority and found to be free of certain pathogens is termed as ?

Ans. Phytosanitary Certificate.

11. An organism capable of causing disease ?

Ans. Pathogen.

12. An organism that lives at the expense space of another organism(host) which it does not usually kill is known as ?

Ans. Parasite.

13. An understood information possessed by a person ?

Ans. Knowledge.

14. An unwanted plant, growing where it is not desired ?

Ans. Weed.

15. Anabaena azollae is a ?

Ans. Bio-fertilizer.

16. Anabaena is a ?

Ans. Blue Green Algae.

17. Anabasine in an alkaloid in ?

Ans. Tobacco.

18. Anaerobic decay of organic matter produces——&——-?

Ans. CO2 & Organic acid

19. Anaerobic environment in rice soil is responsible for gaseous loss of fertilizer nitrogen by ?

Ans. Denitrification.

20. Anakkayam-1,Madakkathara-1, Kanaka, Dhana are varieties of ?

Ans. Cashew.

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