General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 18

1. Angular distance measured from equator is ?

Ans. Latitude.

2. Animal by-product used to prepare icecream ?

Ans. Gelatin.

3. Annapoorna is a ———-variety of Rice ?

Ans. Short duration (95-100 days).

4. Annual carnation is propagated by ?

Ans. Seeds.

5. Annual rainfall of CG ?

Ans. 1190 mm.

6. Anther or pollen culture technique is used to obtained ?

Ans. Haploid plants.

7. Anthracnose of guava is caused by ?

Ans. Collectotrichum psidii.

8. Anthracnose/fruit rot/Die back of chilly is caused by ?

Ans. Collectotrichum capsici.

9. Anthrax in cattle is caused by ?

Ans. Bacteria (Bacillus anthracis).

10. Anti-cancer property of cabbage is due to ?

Ans. Indole-3-Carbinol.

11. Any change in form , structure & appearance of an animal between birth and maturity is referred to as ?

Ans. Metamorphosis.

12. Any crop or combination of crops is grown for grazing or harvesting for immediate or future feeding to livestock ?

Ans. Ley Crops.

13. Any organism detrimental to man or his property in causing damage of significant economic importance is called ?

Ans. A Pest.

14. Any plant in the wrong place is termed ?

Ans. Weed.

15. Aonla is commercially propagated by ?

Ans. Inarching (soft wood grafting).

16. Aparajitha & Chandrama are varieties of ?

Ans. Chrysanthemum.

17. Apis cerana indica is commonly known as ?

Ans. Indian Honeybee.

18. Apis florea is ?

Ans. The red dwarf honeybee.

19. Apis mellifera (European honey bee) is domesticated in the bee box ?

Ans. Langstroth.

20. Apis mellifera is known as ?

Ans. European honeybee or Italian honeybee.

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