General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 19

1. Apoenzyme + Prosthetic group ?

Ans. Holoenzyme.

2. Apple bowl of India ?

Ans. Himachal Pradesh.

3. Apple is commercially propagated by ?

Ans. Tongue grafting, shield budding and Whip budding.

4. Application of Bordeaux paste is recommended to control ?

Ans. Bud rot in Coconut.

5. Applied use of molecular biology and recombinant DNA Technology known as ?

Ans. Biotechnology.

6. Approach grafting is also known as ?

Ans. Inarching.

7. Approach grafting is practiced in ?

Ans. Mango/Sapota/Artocarpus.

8. Arabica & Robusta are varieties of ?

Ans. Coffee.

9. Arboriculture is the study of ?

Ans. Growing trees.

10. Peaty soils are generally deficient of ?

Ans. Cu.

11. ——-are nocturnal Lepidopterans ?

Ans. Moths.

12. —————are plants which require very low moisture/rainfall ?

Ans. Xerophytes.

13. ————–are Primary macronutrients ?

Ans. N ,P & K..

14. —————————are structures with thick growing shrubs neatly trimmed in the shape of animal, birds.

Ans. Topiaries.

15. ————-are Superior quality cut flowers.

Ans. Extra class.

16. ————————are the bio-control agents of water hyacinth.

Ans. Neochetina weevils/Orthogalumna mite.

17. ———–are the economic part of Orchids.

Ans. Spikes.

18. Which Indian states having maximum usage of herbicides ?

Ans. Punjab And Haryana.

19. Which is known as ‘SILENT KILLERS’ causing most extensive crop loss among all major pests ?

Ans. Weeds.

20. ——————-are the larvae of Beetles ?

Ans. White Grubs.

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