General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 20

1. ——————-are the larvae of Flies ?

Ans. Maggots.

2. —————are the planting materials for Banana ?

Ans. Sword suckers.

3. —————-are the planting materials of Pineapple ?

Ans. Suckers, Slips, Crown.

4. Arid regions normally receives a rainfall of ?

Ans. Less than 500 mm.

5. ARIS- Agricultural Research Information System, established by ?

Ans. ICAR, 1995 .

6. Arka Gaurav and Arka Mohini are varieties of ?

Ans. Chillies.

7. Arka Hans (Grape Variety) is a cross of ?

Ans. Banglore Blue × Anab-e-shahi.

8. Arka Jyothi is a hybrid variety of ?

Ans. Watermelon.

9. Arka Kirthiman and Arka Lalima are two new varieties of which crop & introduced by ?

Ans. Indian Institute of Horticulture Bangalore (Onion).

10. Arka Swetha is a variety of ?

Ans. Grapes.

11. Arnon and Stout discovered the essentiality of ?

Ans. Mo.

12. Aroma in rice is due to presence of ?

Ans. 2 acetyl-1-pyrroline (2AP).

13. Aromatic and Medicinal Plants Research Station’ is located at ?

Ans. Odakkali .

14. Arrangement of soil particle in a soil mass ?

Ans. Soil structure.

15. Arrowing practice is done ?

Ans. Sugarcane.

16. Arun’ , ‘Kannara local’ are varieties of ?

Ans. Amaranthus.

17. Mahamaya & Bamleshwari are varieties of ?

Ans. Rice.

18. As a source of N, potato crop require fertilizer of ?

Ans. Potassium nitrate.

19. Asataf is the trade name of ?

Ans. Acephate

20. Aseel is a breed of ?

Ans. Fowl.

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