General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 21

1. Asexual propagation is also known as ?

Ans. Vegetative propagation.

2. Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center (AVRDC) is located in ?

Ans. Taiwan 1971.

3. Associated weeds of wheat ?

Ans. Phalaris minor, Avena fatua and Chenopodium album.

4. Asymbiotic N2 fixing bacteria ?

Ans. Azotobactor and Azospirillum.

5. At field capacity availability of moisture is ?

Ans. Maximum.

6. ATIC (Agriculture technology information centre) also Known as ?

Ans. Single Window System.

7. Atmospheric pressure is measured by ?

Ans. Barometer.

8. Atmospheric pressure normally——–with increase in altitude ?

Ans. Decrease.

9. Atmospheric water is known as ?

Ans. Green water.

10. Attention, interest, desire, conviction action, satisfaction are the steps of ? Ans.Extension teaching.

11. Average annual Rainfall in India ?

Ans. 1195 mm.

12. Average annual rainfall of India ?

Ans. 400 Mha-m.

13. Average of the daily mean temperature of all days in a month is ?

Ans. Monthly mean.

14. Average soil loss million tonnes/year in India is ?

Ans. 5333 (16.35 tonnes per ha).

15. Avian influenza in poultry is caused by ?

Ans. H5N1 Virus.

16. Avocado belong to the family ?

Ans. Lauraceae.

17. Azatobactor can fixes atmospheric nitrogen/ ha to the soil.?

Ans. 20-30 kg.

18. AZHUKAL/CAPSULE ROT is a fungal disease affecting ?

Ans. Cardamom.

19. Azolla is a———–plant ?

Ans. Water fern.

20. Bacillus thuringiensis is effective in control of many pests belong to the group ?

Ans. Lepidopterean.

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