General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 23

1. Bee-box recommended in our conditions is ?

Ans. Langstroth beehive.

2. Beetles belong to the order ?

Ans. Coleoptera.

3. Beetles have———–type of mouth parts ?

Ans. Bitting & Chewing.

4. Bench Terracing is practiced on ?

Ans. Steep slopping (16-33%) and undulated land.

5. Beneficial elements of nutrients are ?

Ans. Rb, Sr, Se, Ni, Cr,Al and As.

6. Benefit Cost Ratio is ?

Ans. Gross income/Cost C.

7. Bengal famine of 1943 was due to a ?

Ans. Fungus.

8. Bengal famine’ of 1943 was due to the failure of Rice crop affected by ?

Ans. Brown spot disease caused by Helminthosporium oryzae.

9. Ber fruits are matured at ?

Ans. 5-6 months after flowering.

10. Ber is commonly known as ?

Ans. Poor man’s fruit and king of arid fruits.

11. Berlo Model of communication (1960) ?

Ans. Source Encoder Message Signal Decoder Receiver.

12. Berseem is also known as ?

Ans. Egyptian clover.

13. Best and cheap mulch to minimize wind erosion ?

Ans. Stubble mulch.

14. Best method for irrigation of citrus ?

Ans. Ring method .

15. Best method of extraction of tomato seed ?

Ans. Acid method .

16. Best method to control stored grain pest is ?

Ans. Fumigation.

17. Best pH for cultivation of rice is ?

Ans. 4-6 pH.

18. Best soil for cultivation of chickpea ?

Ans. Light alluvial soil (a loose and well aerated soil).

19. Best soil structure for plant growth is ?

Ans. Crumb/ granular.

20. Best sowing time of rabi sunflower is ?

Ans. November 1st to 2nd week.

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