General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 25

1. In which district of Kerela black cotton soil is seen most ?

Ans. Chittoor, Palakkad.

2. Black revolution is related to ?

Ans. Bio fuel (Jatropha) production.

3. Black Cotton soils seen in the Chittoor Taluk of Palakkad district is essentially———- in reaction ?

Ans. Alkaline.

4. Black Headed Caterpillar of Coconut is controlled by using the larval parasitoid ?

Ans. Bracon brevicornis/Goniozus nephantidis/Elasmus nephantidis.

5. Black rot of cabbage is caused by ?

Ans. Xanthomonas compestris .

6. Black soil belongs the soil order?

Ans. Vertisol.

7. Black soil contains the clay mineral ?

Ans. Montmorillonite clay (2:1) .

8. Black soil shows black colour due to compound ?

Ans. Mn and High organic matter.

9. Black tip/Mango necrosis is caused by ?

Ans. So2 & Co2 gases released from brick.

10. Blast in rice can be controlled by ?

Ans. Agrosan & Ceresan 2g/kg of seed.

11. Bleaching powder application is a method to control ?

Ans. Bacterial Leaf Blight.

12. Blister blight is a disease of ?

Ans. Tea.

13. Blitox is the trade name of ?

Ans. COC.

14. Blossom end rot of tomato is due to ?

Ans. Ca deficiency.

15. Blue colour of the sky and red colour of sunset is due to ?

Ans. Dispersion.

16. Blue green Algae associated with azolla ?

Ans. Anaebeana.

17. Blue revolution is related to ?

Ans. Fish production.

18. Fonder of Blue revolution is ?

Ans. Dr. Hiralal Choudhary 1957.

19. Body of this rice pest is pink to red in colour and is covered with a white waxy meal ?

Ans. Rice mealy bug.

20. Boiling point of water in the Fahrenheit scale is ?

Ans. 212.

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