General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 26

1. Boiling point of water water in the Kelvin scale is ?

Ans. 373.15K

2. Bonsai was originated in———& popularized in——-?

Ans. China, Japan.

3. Bordeaux mixture act as ————-against chrysomelid beetles and leaf hoppers.

Ans. Repellent

4. Bordeaux mixture is mainly used for ?

Ans. Foliar application.

5. Bordeaux paste is mainly used for ?

Ans. Wound dressing.

6. Botanical name of bottle gourd ?

Ans. Lagenaria siceraria.

7. Botanical name of Desi/Brown Chickpea ?

Ans. Cicer arieitinum.

8. Botanical name of Fieldpea ?

Ans. Pisum sativum var. Arvense.

9. Botanical name of Garden pea ?

Ans. Pisum sativum var. Hartense.

10. Botanical name of Kabuli/White Chickpea ?

Ans. Cicer kabulium.

11. Botanical name of jack fruit ?

Ans. Artocarpus heterophyllus.

12. Botanical name of nut grass ?

Ans. Cyperus rotundus .

13. Botanical name of Pearlmillet ?

Ans. Pennisetum glaucum.

14. Botanical name of sorghum is ?

Ans. Sorghum bicolor.

15. Botanical name of two rowed barley ?

Ans. Hordium distichoum.

16. Both blight and Rust resistant varieties of wheat are ?

Ans. UP 2425, PBW 273, WH 291.

17. Both eye reading and self-recording instruments are there in ?

Ans. Class Aobservatory.

18. Brodeaux mixture discovered by ?

Ans. Pierre-Marie-Alexis Millardet.

19. Bougainvillea is a ?

Ans. Ornamental climber.

20. Bougainvillea is propagated by ?

Ans. Simple layering.

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