General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 27

 1. Bragg & Silajeet is a variety of ?

Ans. Soybean.

 2. Brinjal is also known as ?

Ans. Egg plant.

 3. Brix reading of juice indicates ?

Ans. Total soluble solids.

 4. Brown revolution is related to ?

Ans. Non-conventional energy source.

 5. Grey revolution is associated with ?

Ans. Fertilizer.

 6. Brown spot disease in Rice is caused by ?

Ans. Fungus (Helminthosporium oryzae).

7. Bryophyllum is propagated by ?

Ans. Leaf cutting.

8. Bt cotton is resistant against the pest ?

Ans. Helicoverpa (Spotted bollworm).

9. Bt genes are introduced in cotton against the pest ?

Ans. Cotton Bollworm.

10. Bud rot in Coconut is caused by ?

Ans. Phytophthora palmivora (fungus).

11. BUGS possess——–type of mouth parts ?

Ans. Piercing & Sucking.

12. Bulk method was 1st used by ?

Ans. Nilson Ehle (1908).

13. Bunch/Spanish/Erect type groundnut is ?

Ans. Arachis hypogea fastigate.

14. Bunchy top of banana is caused by ?

Ans. Virus.

15. Bureau of Indian standards was established in ?

Ans. 23 December 1986.

16. Branch of Agriculture deals with plant disease ?

Ans. Phytopathology.

17. Branches used for bush pepper propagation ?

Ans. Plagiotropes.

18. Brassica juncia was evolved from ?

Ans. B. compestris x B. nigra.

19. Brassica nigra was evolved from ?

Ans. B. compestris x B. oleracia.

20. Braula fly is ectoparasitic on ?

Ans. Queen bee.

21. Brazilian, Carribbean, Townsville, Shrubby are types of ?

Ans. Stylosanthes.

22. Breadfruit is vegetatively propagated by ?

Ans. Root cuttings.

23. Breaking of dormancy with H2SO4 ?

Ans. Cotton.

24. Breeder’s seed is otherwise known as ?

Ans. Nucleus seed.

25. Breeding refers to selection procedure in which the segregating population of self pollinated species is grown without selections ?

Ans. Bulk .

26. Brindavan garden of Mysore is an example of——-type of garden ?

Ans. Formal.

27. Brindavan gardens is located in ?

Ans. Mysore,Karnataka.

28. Brinjal fruits are good source of ?

Ans. Vit.-B.

29. Burgundy Mixture is a —————– fungicide ?

Ans. Copper Fungicide.

30. Burning quality of Tobacco decreased due to ?

Ans. Chloride.

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