General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 29

1. —————can be utilized to produce virus free plants ?

Ans. Meristem culture.

2. Capability of an isolated single cell to multiply and differentiate into multicellular organism ?

Ans. Totipotency.

3. Capillary movement of water is complemented by ?

Ans. Root extension.

4. Cardamom is propagated vegetatively by ?

Ans. Rhizomes.

5. Cardamom research centre ?

Ans. Pampadumpara (Kerela).

6. Cashew nut and almond are the richest source of ?

Ans. Fat.

7. Cassava (Manihot esculenta) belongs to the family ?

Ans. Euphorbiaceae.

8. Cassava mosaic disease is transmitted by ?

Ans. White fly.

9. Caterpillars possess ————-type of mouth parts ?

Ans. Bitting & Chewing.

10. Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) is a physical property exhibited by ?

Ans. Soil Colloids.

11. Cattle Feed produced from anaerobic fermentation ?

Ans. Silage.

12. Cauliflower’s economic part ‘head’ is essentially a ?

Ans. Flower.

13. Causative organism of Anthrax in cattle ?

Ans. Bacteria (Bacillus anthracsis).

14. Cause of low productivity of Kari soil is due to ?

Ans. Low PH.

15. ———-causes inhibition of root growth ?

Ans. Auxin.

16. Causes of red colour in chilli ?

Ans. Capsanthin.

17. CCI means ?

Ans. Cotton Corporation of India Mumbai (31 July 1970).

18. CCRP-1 is an improved clone of ?

Ans. Forastero variety of Cocoa.

19. Cell theory was given by ?

Ans. M.J. Schleiden and T.Schwann (1939).

20. —————cells have the ability to divide throughout the life of a plant ?

Ans. Meristematic cells.

21. Central AGMARK Lab is located at ?

Ans. Nagpur.

22. Central element in learning situation ?

Ans. Learner.

23. Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute(CMFRI) is located at ?

Ans. Cochin, Kerala.

24. Central Plantation Crops Research Institute(CPCRI) is located at ?

Ans. Kasargode, Kerala.

25. Central Potato Research Institute is located in ?

Ans. Shimla.

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