General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 30

1. Central Tobacco Research Institute is located in ?

Ans. Rajmundri, Andhra pradesh.

2. Central Rice Research Institute is located at ?

Ans. Cuttack, Orissa.

3. Central Soil Salinity Research Institute is located at ?

Ans. Karnal, Haryana.

4. Central Tuber Crops Research Institute (CTCRI) is located at ?

Ans. Sreekaryam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerela .

5. Deficiency of vitamin B2 causes ?

Ans. Skin Cracking.

6. Centre for Sustainable Agriculture is located at ?

Ans. Secunderabad, AP.

7. Centre of origin of Brinjal ?

Ans. India.

8. Centre of origin of Cucumber ?

Ans. India.

9. Centre of origin of Sugarcane ?

Ans. India.

10. Cereal crops show V shaped pale yellowing at lower leaf tips due to deficiency of ?

Ans. Nitrogen.

11. Cereals are botanically ?

Ans. Caryopsis.

12. Cereals are deficient in which amino acid ?

Ans. Lysine.

13. Certified seed is generally produced by ?

Ans. SSC (State Seed Corporation).

14. The term “Enzyme” wae given by ?

Ans. W.Kuhne (1867). 

15. Certified seed tag having ?

Ans. Purple colour.

16. Certified tag colour of breeder seed ?

Ans. Golden yellow.

17. Certified tag colour of foundation seed ?

Ans. White tag.

18. Certified seed can be produced from ?

Ans. Registered seed or Foundation seed.

19. CFTRI denotes Central Food Technological Research Institute ?

Ans. Mysore, KN.

20. Chaffy grains with black spot is the infestation of ?

Ans. Gundhi Bug (Leptocorisa acuta).

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