General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 36

1. Condition and behaviour of the atmosphere at a given time and place is called ?

Ans. Weather.

2. Condition of atmosphere when temperature falls quickly below zero degree ?

Ans. Frost.

3. Condition of the atmosphere inside the crops are called ?

Ans. Phytoclimate.

4. Conferences, Pannel, Symposium, Discussion, Meeting, Workshops, Field trips, Tour are comes under ?

Ans. Group contact .

5. Confounding Design is adopted when the number of treatments is ?

Ans. 10.

6. Scrapping the chlorophyll content and feed inside, defoliation, & conical leaf fold/rolled the leaves in Bhindi by infestation of which pest?

Ans. Okra leaf roller (Sylepta derogata).

7. Conservation tillage tends to encourage ?

Ans. Higher microbial population.

8. Contaf is the trade name of ?

Ans. Hexaconazole (5%EC).

9. Continued drought condition in rice fields predisposes the infestation by ?

Ans. Paddy mealy bug (Ripersia oryzae).

10. Continuous inbreeding (Selfing) leads ?

Ans. Homozygosity.

11. Continuous temperature record by which instrument ?

Ans. Thermograph.

12. Contour Bunding is adopted where Land slope (6 %) and in areas where average annual rainfall is ?

Ans.< 600 mm.

13. In honey bee Pollen basket is present in ?

Ans. Hind Leg.

14. The largest producer of Silk in the world is ?

Ans. China.

15. Control of Colarado potato beetle using———in 1867 was the first historically recorded success story in the application of modern plant protection chemicals ?

Ans. Paris Green.

16. Biological controlled of Fusarium wilt of chickpea by using ?

Ans. Fluorescent pseudomonas (bacteria).

17. Controlling centre of cell ?

Ans. Nucleus.

18. Conventional tillage involves ?

Ans. Minimum tillage, Zero tillage and Conservation tillage.

19. Which bacteria responsible Conversion of NH4 to NO2 in soil is ?

Ans. Nitrosomonas

20. Conversion of soil nitrate into gaseous nitrogen is ?

Ans. Denitrification.

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