General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 39

1. Cropping intensity of maize-potato-wheat ?

Ans. 300%.

2. Crops which are cultivated on ploughed land ?

Ans. Arable crops

3. Crops which are cultivated to catch the forth coming season when main crop is failed ?

Ans. Catch/Contingent Crops.

4. Crops which are grown to supplement the yield of the main crops?

Ans. Augment Crops.

5. Crops, those are grown to protect the main cash crop from a certain pest or several pests?

Ans. Trap Crops.

6. Crops, which protect another crops from tree passing of animals or restrict the speed of wind and are mainly grown as border ?

Ans. Border/Guard Crops.

7. Cross between two genetically different homozygote plants is ?

Ans. Hybrid or F1.

8. Crossing of plants through fusion of somatic cell ?

Ans. Somatic hybridization .

9. Crossing over and recombination occur during ?

Ans. Meiosis division.

10. CSH-6 is a short duration variety of ?

Ans. Sorghum.

11. Cultivated pumpkin is botanically known as ?

Ans. Cucurbita moschata.

12. Cultivation of crops in areas receiving rainfall from 750 to 1150 mm per annum. ?

Ans. Dryland Farming.

13. Cultivation of crops in areas where average annual rainfall is <750 mm per annum ?

Ans. Dry Farming .

14. Cultivation of flowering and ornamental plants is known as ?

Ans. Floriculture.

15. Cultivation of Trees + Crops is known a ?

Ans. Agri-Silviculture.

16. Cultivation of trees and grasses together ?

Ans. Silvipasture .

17. Cultivation practice followed in cucurbits ?

Ans. Daria cultivation (River bed Cultivation).

18. Culture of an organ in vitro ?

Ans. Organ culture.

19. Culture of plants without soil ?

Ans. Hydroponics .

20. Curculionid biocontrol agent of beetle ?

Ans. Neochetina eichhorniae.

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