General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 5

1. A fruit plant propagated by vegetative method is ?

Ans. Banana.

2. A fruit plant which can be layered easily is ?

Ans. Litchi.

3. A fruit rich in fat content ?

Ans. Avocado (77 % fat).

4. A fruit rich in Vitamin –A content ?

Ans. Mango.

5. A fruit ripen only after harvest is ?

Ans. Avocado.

6. A fungal disease of mushroom ?

Ans. Soft mildew, brown plaster mould, green mould, bubble disease etc.

7. A funnel shaped cloud extending downwards is a characteristic feature of ?

Ans. Tornado.

8. A garden component making it larger is ?

Ans. Lawn.

9. A garden set below the level of the ground surrounding it is called ?

Ans. Sunken garden.

10. A good quality Coconut seedling should have a collar girth of ?

Ans. 10-12cm.

11. A granular insecticide ?

Ans. Furadan 3% granular form.

12. A green manure crop ?

Ans. Glyricidia.

13. A group of ornamental plants used to grow over walls, trellis, arches, pergolas, arbours, pillars, bowers etc. ?

Ans. Climbers and Creepers.

14. A guarantee programme for the people below poverty line. ?

Ans. National Food Security Mission (2007).

15. A heat treatment food material at 72°C for 15 seconds, or 63°C for 30 minutes ?

Ans. Pasteurization .

16. A high density planting in apple can accommodate ?

Ans. 500-1250 plants/ha.

17. A hormone inducing dwarfism in plants ?

Ans. MH.

18. A hormone responsible for induction of dwarfism ?

Ans. MH.

19. A hormone used for flower induction ?

Ans. TIBA (Tri iodobenzoic acid).

20. A hormone used to increase fruit size is ?

Ans. GA-3.

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