General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 6

1. A hybrid produced using nucleous of one parent cell and cytoplasm of both the cell ?

Ans. Cybrid.

2. A hybrid variety of grape Anab-e-Shahi X Bangalore Blue is ?

Ans. Arka hans.

3. A insect parasiting another insect ?

Ans. Parasitoid.

4. A journal in meteorology ?

Ans. Mausam.

5. A library composed of complementary copies of cellular mRNA ?

Ans. C-DNA.

6. A line indicates all possible combinations of two inputs which can be purchased with a given amount of investment fund ?

Ans. Iso-Cost line.

7. A line represents the different combinations of two variable inputs used in the production of a given amount of output.?

Ans. Isoquant.

8. A liquified gas used to fumigate soil against nematode and soil insects for raising rooted pepper cuttings ?

Ans. Methyl Bromide.

9. A liquid formulation of insecticide which contain a carrier ? 

Ans. Water dispersible powder.

10. A low Percentage Base Saturation (PBS) in soil means ?

Ans. Acidity.

11. A man made cereal ?

Ans. Triticale (wheat x rye).

12. A market consisting of single buyer of a product and many sellers ?

Ans. Monosony market.

13. A mass of rotted organic matter made from waste ?

Ans. Compost.

14. A mechanism of self pollination in which flowers open but only after pollination has take place ?

Ans. Chasmogamy.

15. A medicinal Variety of Rice ?

Ans. Njavara.

16. A medium duration rice ?

Ans. Jaya.

17. A mental and/or physical reaction that makes through seeing ?

Ans. Learning experience.

18. A method by which food is kept out from spoilage after harvest ?

Ans. Preservation.

19. A method does not provide opportunity to practice selection for superior plant till F5 generations ?

Ans. single seed descent method.

20. A method for improving specific traits i.e. plant height, disease resistancy ?

Ans. Pedigree method.

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