General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 9

1. A product prepared from strained pulp of fully ripe tomato fruits after cooking ?

Ans. Tomato Sauce/Ketchup.

2. A progeny of single homozygous, self pollinated crops ?

Ans. Pure line.

3. A programme to provide at least 100 days wage employment in rural areas ?

Ans. National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NAREGA, 2006).

4. A protective plantation in a certain area, against strong winds. It is usually comprised of a few rows of trees (or shrubs) ?

Ans. Wind breaks.

5. A pruning process in which a circular ring of bark measuring about 3 cm in length is removed.?

Ans. Ringing/Girdling.

6. A published material on a small paper in which there is brief information of a subject ?

Ans. Leaflet.

7. A reduvid predator of Rhinoceros beetle ?

Ans. Platymerus.

8. A respective cultivation of an ordered succession of crops or crops and fallow in the same land is ?

Ans. Crop rotation.

9. A rice pest that can be controlled by draining water ?

Ans. Case worm.

10. A rice variety tolerant to BPH ?

Ans. Mahamaya.

11. A science of decision making ?

Ans. Farm Management

12. A seed is composed of——,——-&——– ?

Ans. Embryo , Endosperm & Seed coat.

13. A seedless variety of Mango ?

Ans. Sindhu.

14. A seedless variety of Pomegranate ?

Ans. Ganesh.

15. A segment of DNA that codes for a specific characters ?

Ans. Gene.

16. A self replicating, extra-chromosomal genetic material found in plant cell ?

Ans. Plastids.

17. A semi-solid transparent product prepared from pectin containing fruit ?

Ans. Jelly.

18. A series of illustrated cards flashed before a group in proper sequence to tell a complete story step by step to the group of the learners. ?

Ans. Flash cards.

19. A shade loving leafy vegetable ?

Ans. Water leaf.

20. A sheet of paper with pictorial slogan, which is utilized to attract the mass attention for single idea.?

Ans. Poster.

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