General Agriculture One-liner For Competitive Exam – 102

1. Autumn sugarcane is planted in months of- October

2. The dapog method of raising rice nursery was introduced in India from- Burma

3. All India coordinate Maize Improvement project was started in- 1957

4. An ideal type of rice with small thick and erect leaf proposed by- Yoshida

5. The rice inflorescences is called- Panicle

6. A farming system in which arable crop are grown in alleys formed by trees or shrubs to establish soil fertility and to enhance soil productivity is known as- Alley crop

7. A main shortcoming that was observed during green revolution- Pulse crop were neglected

8. Among small grain crops……. has an exceptional tolerance to low levels of soil copper supply-Rye

9. Allowing the field to remain vacant for one full season is called- Field fallow

10. Average percent oil content in soyabean is- 20 %

11. Autumn sown crop of sugarcane requires More fertilizer than that of winter sown-

12. Hot water treatment of sugarcane setts is done because- It controls seed borne diseases

13. Amongst cereals the grains of which crop possess the highest fat content- Pearl millet

14. A water fern which is used as a green manure in rice field is- Azolla

15. Agronomy is a branch of Agriculture that deals with Principles of field management and crop rotation

16. Adsali sugarcane is planted in- July-August

17. A lentil crop grown with improved package of practice may record the yield upto t /ha- 2.0-2.5

18. Madhuri is an improved cultivar of which type of maize crop- Sweet corn

19. Application of fertilizer during irrigation is known as- Fertigation

20. Sugarcane +potato is an intercropping system of- Autumn season

21. A high percentage of cropped area in India covered by rice because Rice can be grown in different season

22. American cotton should be planted at a distance of- 60cm x 45cm

23. An important millet used as staple food in south Karnataka is- Ragi

24. 1 hectare-cm of irrigation is equal to 100000 litres

25. Application of gypsum is required more for Groundnut

26. An example for quick drying oil- Linseed

27. Atmosphere extends above sea level to a height of about- 1600km

28. Black gram is originated in India

29. Bajra crop is Cross pollinated

30. Black mustard locally called Banarasi Rai is belong to Brassica nigra

31. Black gram grown is summer should be seeded at….kg/ha- 20-25kg/ha

32. Black gram is originated in India

33. Blind hoeing is related to Sugarcane

34. Bonneville, Early badger, Arkel are the improved varieties of- Pea

35. Boro rice is mainly grown in- West Bengal

36. Botanical name of nobel canes is- Saccharum officinarum

37. Botanical name of Ragi is Eleusine corcana

38. Botanical name of Rajmah is Phaseolus vulgaris

39. Both fodder and pulse crop is Cow pea

40. Bran oil is obtained from Husk of paddy

41. Brassica juncea is the scientific name of Rai

42. Brown manuring is commonly practiced in Rice

43. Brown revolution stands for the vitalization of Agro-food processing

44. Brown strip downy mildew of maize can be controlled by use of Bordeaux mixture (4:4:50)

45. Bunchy top of sugarcane is caused by Top shoot borer

46. Canvas is made from Sunnhemp

47. Castor is originated in Tropical Africa

48. Castor belongs to the family Euphorbiaceae

49. Centre of origin of fenugreek is Egypt

50. Centre of origin of rice South east Asia

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