General Agriculture One-liner For Competitive Exam -108

1. 132Tur pod fly is important pest of – Arhar

2. Suitable time for showing of arhar is- First fortnight of June

3. Maturity time of late sowing varieties of arhar is – April -May

4. Serious insect pest of arhar is – Plume moth, Pod borer, Leaf hopper

5. Arhar crop element required in low quantity as compare to the other crop-

6. Early maturity cultivar of arhar – Pusa ageti

7. Stem rot in arhar is caused by – Fungus

8. Type-17 variety of arhar mature in – 270 days

9. Pusa-855 is a variety of – Arhar

10. BSMR-730 is a variety of arhar. It is suitable for – MP

11. Optimum rainfall for arhar is – 60cm

12. Arhar mostly damaged by – Frost

13. Wilt resistant variety of arhar – Maruthi, Asha, Azad

14. Arhar need P2O5 per hectare is – 40-50 kg ha

15. Pusa-9 variety of arhar mature in – 130-140 days

16. Potash required for arhar – 40-60 kg /ha

17. Sterility mosaic disease of red gram is caused by – Virus

18. Wilt in arhar is caused by – Fungus

19. JA-4 Variety of arhar is suitable for growing in MP it is mature in – 180 days

20. Amar variety of arhar is resistant to Sterility mosaic – Wilt disease

21. Fruit of arhar is – Pod

22. Arhar crop is – Self- pollinated

23. Pigeon pea belongs to the family of – Leguminoseae

24. Chromosome number of red gram is – 2n=22

25. Arhar is also known as – Red gram, Pigeon pea

Q. How much space is required for egg poultry is- 2sq.ft

Q. Starter feed contains maximum of – Protein

Q. Most dangerous disease of chicken is – Ranikhet

Q. Which disease spread through virus in cattle is – Foot and Mouth disease

Q. Anthrax is caused by – Bacteria

Q. Severe bloat is removed by tools – Trocar cannula

Q. Which is the best method of milking – Full hand method

Q. What is the boiling point of milk (in Celsius) is- >100

Q. milk is converted into dahi is due to – lactobaccillus

Q. Which harmone helps in let down of milk – Oxytocin

Q. Milk sugar is also known by the name of – Lactose

Q. What is the percentage of water in buffalo milk is – 83 %

Q. dual purpose breed of cow was- kankrej

Q. Specific gravity of milk is measured by – Lactometer

Q. What is the maximum fat percent in ghee is – 99%

Q. bikaneri is the breed of – sheep

Q. Anthrax is also called as – splenic fever

Q. which state has largest number of poultry – Andhra Pradesh

Q. state which is first in egg production – Tamil Nadu

Q. castration in pig is done at the age of – 4-6 weeks

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