General Agriculture One-liner For Competitive Exam -111

1. Father of agronomy is – peter decresenzi.

2. Dr. Biwant Rajis the founder of Relay cropping .

3. The Directorate of cropping System research is located at – Modipuram , meerut, U.P.

4. Scientific study of mixed cropping was firstly done by – La-Flitze (1928)

5. Relay cropping concept was derived from – Relay race

6. Natural Resource management is an example of sustainable agriculture

7. Cropping System is a component of – framing System

8. When the sub crop are sown to supplement of yield of the main crop , the sub crops are known as – augmenting crops

9. The main crop is grown in the centre , surrounded by hardly or thorny crops, the sub crop is known as – guard crops

10. The yield of both crops , grown together are found to be higher than the yield of their pure crops on unit area , such cropping is known as – synergetic cropping

11. What is a cash crops – those crops , which may be sold directly from the field without processing like vegetables , potato, etc.

12. Formula of Cropping Intensity = Total Cropping Area /total sown area *100

13. The growing of two or more crops on the same field in a year is called – multiple cropping

14. The practice of raising grasses or pasture , is also known as – ley farming

15. In India , the maximum acreage and production of wheat is in UP

16. The type of fruit of wheat is Caryopsis

17. The optimum temperature for ideal germination of wheat is 20 to 25 °C

18. Norin-10 gene was brought to USA by – S.c. salamone 1984

19. The dwarf winter variety of wheat first time developed through using Norin gene by – Dr. O.A.Vogel (USA)

20. Triple gene dwarf variety were released in 1970

21. Which is double gene dwarf varieties of wheat – HD 2204, Janak, UP 215, Pratap, Kalyansona, Arjun, Sonara 64

22. Single gene dwarf varieties are – Sonalika , Girija, UP-262 ,Wl 711,Lerma Rojo 64A

23. The protein found in wheat floor which is helpful for chapati making – Gluten

24. Central Zig – Zag axis of wheat is called -Rachis

25. Mexican dwarf wheat was evolved by – Dr. N. E. Borlaug

26. The toxic alkaloid found in the leaves of sorghum crops is – Dhurin or HCN

27. CSH 1 was released as first dwarf sorghum hybrid in 1964

28. Which crop is known as camel crops – Sorghum

29. Native of jower is Africa (Ethiopia & Sudan)

30. The maximum area & Production of jowar is in Maharashtra

31. Jower is poor in lysine but rich in – Leucine

32. The inflorescence of jower is called – Panicle

33. First hybrid variety of bajara is HB-1 (1965) developed at PAU, Ludhiana

34. Protein content in Bajra is 11-12 %

35. Origin of bajra is Africa

36. Bajra is sensitive to – water logging and Acidic soil

37. The largest producer state of cotton in India is -Gujarat

38. Bad opening of balls is known as – Tirak

39. In cotton , the maturity of fibre is judged by – Arealometer

40. H-777 is the cultivar of cotton

41. Hybrid -4 is the first commercial cotton of the world developed by – Dr.C.T. Patel in 1970

42. The leaves of cotton becomes radish in colour due to decrease nutrient uptake and moisture .

43. Origin of cotton is from – India

44. Cotton belongs to- malvaceae

45. Intra – Specific hybrid of cotton is –Hybrid -6, savita, surya.

46. Interspecific hybrid of cotton is – Varalaxmi , DCH-32 , HB -224 etc.

47. One seed of cotton has 60000-80000 fibres

48. Ginning %= wt. of lint / wt. of seed cotton taken for ginning * 100

49. The removal of lower leaves which come in contact with soil and lose their commercial value is known as priming process.

50. Priming method is used in – Cigarette and wrapper tobacco

51. The main aim of topping and Desuckering is – to divert the energy and nutrient of plant from flower to leaves.

52. The removal of the lateral branches or suckers or auxiliary buds is called – desuckring .

53. Central tobacco research institute is situated at – Raja – h – Mundri, AP (1947)

54. The richest source of protein among the food grain is – Pulses

55. Head quarter of directorate of pulses research is located in – Kanpur UP

56. Which pulse crop doesn’t fix N2 from atmosphere -Rajma

57. The word pulse is derived from – French world pottage or poride means – soup (dal)

58. The term legume is taken from – latin word – means to collect

59. India is the largest producer of – gram

60. The sour taste of gram leaf is due to presence of – Maleic acid(60%) and oxalic acid

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