General Agriculture One-liner For Competitive Exam- 4

1. A chemical effective in controlling alternate bearing in mango is ?

Ans. TIBA.

2. A chemical inducing abscission in plants ?

Ans. ABA.

3. A chemical inducing parthenocarpy in fruits is ?

Ans. 2,4,5-T.

4. A chemical used to test the viability of seeds ?

Ans. 2,3,5 triphenyl tetrazolium chloride.

5. A chemical with more herbicidal activity is ?

Ans. MCPA.

6. A close-growing crop, grown primarily to improve and protect the soil from erosion through their ground covering foliage and/ or rootmats between periods of regular crop production?

Ans. Cover Crops.

7. A comprehensive scheme to alleviate mass poverty in rural India is ? 

Ans. IRDP.

8. A condition in which either pollen is absent or non functional in flowering plants. ?

Ans. Male Sterility.

9. A condition of atmosphere at a given place at a given time. ?

Ans. Weather.

10. A cool season flower crop ?

Ans. Carnation.

11. A crop propagated by root cutting ?

Ans. Bread fruit, Blackberry, Rose, Fig, etc.

12. A crop suitable for acid soil ?.

Ans. Rice.

13. A crop that can be successfully cultivated in Acid-saline soil ?

Ans. Paddy.

14. A crop, grown for direct sale rather than for livestock feed or a crop grown by a farmer primarily for sale to others rather than for his or her own use ?

Ans. Cash Crops.

15. A cropping system where the land is hands over the succeeding crop before the harvest of standing crop. ?

Ans. Relay or overlapping cropping.

16. A cucurbit used in confectionary ?

Ans. Ash Gourd.

17. Shelling percentage of pea ?

Ans. 49%.

18. A culture of isolated mature or immature embryos ?

Ans. Embryo culture.

19. A decision to continue full use of an innovation ?

Ans. Adoption.

20. A deep rooted crop is ?

Ans. Sweet potato.

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